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tismetisme Member Posts: 133
Do MRI"s of the breast scan the breast wall??  I found a lump  oncologist thinks its scar tissue from previous breast cancer surgery but that was 2 years ago . so he has ordered an mri  Im tired of being mucked about and sick with worry


  • MicheleRMicheleR South AustraliaMember Posts: 301
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    Hi @tisme,

    Sorry you are going through that. What are you worried about? That there might be something in your chest wall?

    I did a quick read on breast mri. It can detect scar tissue and detect things in your chest wall. Its more refined for some tests than mammagram. Ive had one and they insert a contrast die and my results showed the structures in my breast and cancer highlighted in blue. 

    So the answer would be maybe. 

    I think if your dr thinks scar tissue then thats what they would be confirming. I know its impossible but if you can think positive thoughts because hopefully it is just scar tissue.

    If there is a problem then you would want to know to get treatment but its probably just to make sure right?



  • LytheLythe BrisbaneMember Posts: 48
    I don’t know if they can look at the chest wall but I imagine they can look at any area that the specialist requests. MRI is a much more sensitive test to cancer so is really good if they aren’t sure exactly where to biopsy. I had an MRI with contrast just prior to my most recent surgery because the surgeon wanted to make sure they could get clear margins away from the chest wall. I wish they had done MRIs earlier to get a better idea what they were dealing with but I’m guessing it’s a funding issue. I hope you get some clarity soon. 
  • tismetisme Member Posts: 133
    good time to come off anti depressants too hey
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