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Elevation in CA 19.9

MimandMimand Lake CathieMember Posts: 45
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Hello it’s been awhile and I hope you are all going ok .
WOW! Times are crazy , just what we all need 😩
Do any of you have this marker checked ? Mine has elevated from 45 in Feb 2020 and is now 52 .
my Oncologist does not seem as concerned as me . 
Have any of you had fluctuations without progression .



  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 4,925
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    Hi @Mimand

    When I had my most recent review with my surgeon earlier this month, I had a bunch of bloods taken & I asked for the breast cancer markers to be included in it, but my GP wouldn't 'ok' it, so it wasn't included.  He reckons that they are inaccurate ..... but as my husband has been diagnosed with terminal gastric cancer in Jan & his Cancer markers went up from 4 (3-4 years ago) to 150+ now (I'd been asking for the markers to be checked with his regular blood checks over the last 2 years but the GP kept saying they are inaccurate .... HELLO??) ....Our Onc (we share the same Onc) has checked his Markers since his diagnosis and it has gone up an extra 50+ every month since January! ....

    I really believe there IS some point in keeping in touch with the cancer markers.  However, it is important to 'watch' ones that are specific to your cancer.  

    CA 15-3, CA 27.29, CEA are usually the ones 'watched' for Breast Cancer.  The CA19.9 is actually one of the ones being checked for my husband's gastric cancer!  SO ... if the CA19.9 continues to go up - maybe request an uppie & downie for your own peace of mind ..... (if you haven't had one in the last year or two) to rule out colon/bowel/stomach issues.

    Like your Onc - my Onc wasn't as concerned - even about the 50+ point increase each month whereas I thought it seemed excessive! ..... As I've seen since that some patients with gastric cancer can go up in the hundreds plus per blood test - maybe 50 (in hubby's case) isn't 'that' extreme ...... 

    take care
  • MimandMimand Lake CathieMember Posts: 45
    Thank you for your message . 
    I wonder if he checks this particular marker because my breast cancer was discovered in the GI tract ? 
    I may just have to quiz him on this one.
    I’m so sorry you are both having to deal with this disease, it must be so difficult for you both.
    Hope and strength to you both , thank you again 
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 4,925
    Is it your Onc or your GP that ordered the blood tests?  If your GP ordered them, do copies automatically go to your Onc?

    The results always show the ‘normal range’ of the markers .... and your ‘52’ would probably show as 52 (bold) if it was ‘higher than the norm’ on the sheet.

    definitely ask your Onc about it being found in your GI! 
  • MimandMimand Lake CathieMember Posts: 45
    Hi @arpie
    my Onc ordered these bloods ..I have copies. 
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