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New Mammogram for Dense Breast

berryberry Member Posts: 70
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2d mammograms are really antiquated. 3d mammograms have been superseded. Maybe Breast Screen Australia can buy 3d mammogram machines cheap.




  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 4,925
    Hmmm ... interesting!

    I've had indepth discussions in the past with BSNSW, due to them NOT picking up MY breast cancer on the 2D machines (in their rural buses!) and have asked them to advise those with dense breast tissue to have an ultrasound as well, as 'backup', as my GP found mine manually, 4 months after the 2D machine said I was free of cancer!

    But they refuse to 1) advise clients of their breast density.    2) refuse to suggest they have ultrasounds!     3) No plan to upgrade 2D machines to 3D

    The best machines available in most clinics here & used so far are 3D tomosynthesis ..... I've not heard of the CEM machines!  Eventually, they will probably be mainstream .... but I fear it will be a while before they become 'common place'!
  • AutismandbcAutismandbc Perth (Police State) WAMember Posts: 20
    Government can't fundand best machines but they can finance public art installations and waste millions on failed public propoganda like the girl smearing a thick shake onto a boy's face to teach us about domestic violence!!! Women are STILL being treated worse than Saudi bound cattle in this country and its become " every man for himself". You have to be forceful and vigilant in directing your own health and doing your research because the system is broken and those who aren't capable of being proactive will suffer. That is unfair. It is wrong because it is preventable but men refuse to treat women equitably despite the efforts of generations of tough women to reverse backwards thinking. 
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