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Cannabis oil (CBD)

NixNix Member Posts: 21
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Anyone tried? What are your thoughts.

And what about diet. I'm thinking I might try alkaline diet. I think my current diet is way too acidic. And wine? Does that have to go?

So many questions, so many thoughts rolling around in this lil ole brain of mine. 🙄


  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 4,580
    Hi @Nix

    A few of us use CBD oil to offset the side effects of our meds - so possibly a bit early for you to be jumping onto it just now.  Wait & see what meds you are put onto & see if there ARE side effects, and know that it is there, if you need to access it.

    Re changing your diet - if you are eating healthily & are not over weight - there isn't much point changing your diet too much .... keeping active & enjoying your meals is still a high priority, rather than eating something you are not enjoying in the hope it may change something.    Ask your Surgeon/medical team to put you in touch with a Dietician - they may be able to give you some tips.

    re booze - moderation is the word - I still have 1 or 2 wines a night. Some people go off it totally. 

    Yes, your mind will be in overdrive just now .....  once you see the surgeon & 'have a plan' you should feel a bit more settled.

    Take care, all the best xx
  • FLCloverFLClover Sydney Member Posts: 843
    I’m on it for side effects from the hormone suppressing tablets I’m taking, as my ca was hormone positive. Don’t change your diet too much, but yes, try to keep it alkaline. Ca can’t survive in that environment. Drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of baking soda in it. That makes the body alkaline. And check food properly, as a lot of vegetables are acidic, so going vegetarian for example doesn’t guarantee an alkaline environment. 
    These questions and thoughts are normal, I’m pretty sure we all went through them. I know I did. But also try to eliminate stress, as that creates acidity in the body too. 
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 3,387
    If you have chemo, it can radically affect your sense of taste! I couldn’t stand the taste of wine! Helped lose weight though. 
  • VangirlVangirl Melbourne CBDMember Posts: 333
    I'm on a clinical trial of Nannabis for pain from cancer. It's not been very helpful for pain but it does help with sleep. 

  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 4,858
    Is Nannabis a synthetic version?
  • MicheleRMicheleR South AustraliaMember Posts: 201

    Its so early for you. You are still in a state of shock. Nothing you did made this happen. There are people who ate clean, did yoga, never drank who still got it. 

    Having said that if you have chemo you may find yourself in a situation where eating anything can be tricky. I was told to eat what i felt like. What i pyschologically felt like was healthy eating. What i could actually eat sometimes varied. Be kind to yourself. 

    Diet can have a big impact on how you feel which is super important. After i did 4 cycles chemo treatment of AC I sought a dietician to help me feel as good as possible through the remaining chemo. It did help a great deal with fatigue and when o came out of chemo having looked after my diet and done a little exercise i quickly started to feel good. 

    Ive just finished radiotherapy and fatigue levels arent too bad but i feel terrible and have had to cut some slack in diet as i cant manage food at present. 

    I choose not to drink alcohol mainly because ive drank so much water over my treatment and when hydration was not good enough i feel terrible. Alcohol can be quite dehydrating. 

    Always be kind to yourself. Dont be too restrictive. Best of luck. 

  • NixNix Member Posts: 21
    Thank you Michele 🙏💕
  • VangirlVangirl Melbourne CBDMember Posts: 333
    Sister no it is pharmaceutical-grade cannabis, THC and CBD.

  • NewBoobsPLSNewBoobsPLS Panania, NSWMember Posts: 75
    @Nix a good naturopath is Janet Schloss she is based in QLD but does face time type consults for patients interstate. She specialises in breast cancer patients. Check out her website!

    We are all here for you. 
    Everybody said it to me when i started here and i didn't take much notice but really, take a breath and let yourself process properly before jumping into anything. It's scary and overwhelming and you want to manage it, and you will. Just take a little time too.
    xoxo sending you strength.
  • NixNix Member Posts: 21
    Thanks lovely. I'm feeling the whole why me thing today. I don't like to go down that thinking route but I just don't want to be sick  for so bloody long. 
  • NewBoobsPLSNewBoobsPLS Panania, NSWMember Posts: 75
    @nix only the genetic testing MAY give you answers to that question but for allot of us there is no why me. I had no genetic anomilies and led a healthy fit life. Its what you do next that matters.
    Sending you love and cuddles today.
  • NewBoobsPLSNewBoobsPLS Panania, NSWMember Posts: 75
    @nix you may not be unwell for a long time. I know it's hard but keep positive. I always had a morning mantra and thought "im going to be one of the ones outside the bell curve and I'm going to smash whatever treatment they throw at me in my own way". 
    You've got this!
  • FLCloverFLClover Sydney Member Posts: 843
    You’re allowed to have why me moments @Nix, just don’t stay there too long. As @NewBoobsPLS  said, you might not ever get an answer, and it’s not really important as it’s all about the next step now. None of us can undo the past. But def have a cry when you need to, because it really is unfair. 
    And try not to think of yourself as sick. You have a lump, it’s affected your breast, that’s it. You’re going through a temporary period of treatment which will make you unwell, but it’s temporary. The rest of your body is fine. Your breast will be too eventually. After that you will thrive. Sunshine after the rain. Words are important, so tell yourself you’re healthy, just going through something temporary. 
    Good luck and hugs 🤗🤗
  • NixNix Member Posts: 21
    Thanks ladies 💕💕
  • Cath62Cath62 Brisbane Member Posts: 159
    Hi @Nix, I agree the words are really important. One step at a time. You may not get sick with treatment. I was so lucky as I didn't get sick at all during 4 months of chemo and a month of radium. I had 2 surgeries and of course a bit of pain in recovery which was uncomfortable but never sick.

    I eat lots of vegetables and continue to do so but I have not changed my diet really. I drank a bit before breadt cancer. I have cut that back but still enjoy a glass of wine. Wine did not cause the cancer but moderation is important for all sorts of health issues.  Exercise is critical to getting through all of this. Even my oncologist said to me it is critical and if she could give pills called exercise to cancer patients she would.

    I did do alot of analysing about why for my breadt cancer. There were lots of stresses in my life pre cancer. Too much stress for anyone as my doctor said. I have removed those stresses and that is probably most important if you have any stress - remove it if you can.

    One day at a time. See how you go at each step. It is a marathon but so many do it, get through it and bathe in the sunshine again. 
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