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Research on Cholesterol levels and non responders to endocrine.

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    Hi Berry , EAA reconnecting after  a long time off line.. interested in the article as my cholesterol levels 
    have begun to rise .. not abnormally high, but waver borderline sufficient to be threatened with medication.
    also one of my liver enzymes elevated.. my oncologist warns me re cholesterol levels but denies may be
    Gradual sign of Arimidex resistance.  Do signs of resistance start with these small signs or show as abnormally high that would make you feel quite unwell ? I see Onc 6 monthly so will be a bit more targeted in conversation. I have many wishes.. one of which is Liquid Biopsy blood test fot early detection
    as routine. You may be interested in AllCan.org.An international prof. Group improving cancer treatment
    efficiencies and in June the US Invasive Lobular Cancer.org are going to virtual stream their June symposium. All-Can streamed their global Summit last Friday and may be accessible on You Tube. 
    Great to reconnect.. 🌻🎶EAA

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