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IVF after breast cancer

Loz06Loz06 Member Posts: 10
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Hi there!
Is there anyone out there who have gone down the path of IVF after breast cancer?

I was diagnosed in Oct 2017 at the age of 34. My treatment consisted of a double mastectomy, chemo and now on tamoxifen. 

We have 2 wonderful children, but always wanted a 3rd child. 

We are about to start the process of IVF (no egg collection prior to chemo, just the zoladex injection) and they are confident they can help. I will go off the tamoxifen to complete the egg harvest process (approx 6 weeks), resume the tamoxifen for another 2 years (to get to the end of my 5 years) and then hopefully after that have a successful pregnancy. 

If anyone has any insight at all into IVF and successful pregnancies after breast cancer, I would be most appreciative 🙂


  • Giovanna_BCNAGiovanna_BCNA Member Posts: 1,848
    Hello @Loz06
    Welcome to the young women's group.  As you have had no responses you may like to post this in the main discussion forum to see if there are any members who have had IVF after breast cancer.  Let me know if you need any assistance with this.
    Kind regards Giovanna

  • Laurenkate21Laurenkate21 Member Posts: 4
    Hi @Loz06

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 33 in 2018.
    My treatment was a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation. I was also on tamoxifen when finishing treatment and then Zoladex injections.

    I was lucky enough to freeze some embryos before starting treatment (having no children) 

    After 2 years of Zoladex my doctor let me have a break to finish the IVF process and now I am 24 weeks pregnant. While we were doing IVF my doctor told me that I had started to ovulate naturally again, which is nice to know if we decide to try again,

    Let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to answer anything xx

  • Loz06Loz06 Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for the info @Laurenkate21 much appreciated. 
    The IVF process for us was not great; got to a point where the scans were showing little to no follicles. Very disappointing. 
    We gave things a rest for a while and we have just found out that we are pregnant (naturally!). Still can’t quite believe it. 
    Thanks again, I hope your pregnancy is going along well
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