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microblading - eyebrows

CarriePCarrieP Perth WAMember Posts: 34
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Hi Ladies, i hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday.
Just a quick questions, I have been told I need Chemo before surgery as I have TNBC. I just wanted to ask about Microblading eyebrows as I have been told I will lose my hair (which I knew anyway) but also my eyebrows will go.
My oncologist appt is next Wednesday to organise my regime and then presume my first session will be shortly after - again not sure what to expect or timelines ect.
the reason i knew about microblading is a good friend of mine has a sister that specialses in this and especially works with cancer patients that are going through chemo so she has recommended her to me.
Has anyone had this done and if so is there side affects, should i do this before chemo starts and i lose the hair ect.
appreciate your adivce.


  • Shamrock81Shamrock81 Member Posts: 17
    Hi Carrie
    I had mine done after Chemo so can’t comment to the side affects. 
    The process itself was only mildly uncomfortable and stings for a bit after. I needed a touch up about 6 weeks after. Absolutely love them and so glad I did it. 
    My practitioner needed a letter from my oncologist stating the treatment was ok (even though I was finished treatment).  

    Have you been offered “cold cap” for your hair. I didn’t take the option but several ladies on the oncology ward were having great success with hair retention. Worth raising the question 

    Good luck with the brows and the treatment 
  • CarriePCarrieP Perth WAMember Posts: 34
    Thanks Shamrock81, have not seen the oncologist yet so will talk to them next week about the cold cap 🌸

  • AbbydogAbbydog Adelaide, South AustraliaMember Posts: 197
    Dear CarrieP,
    I successfully used the cold cap this year, and I would definitely recommend trying it.
    I also had my eyebrows microbladed after my Mastectomy and prior to Chemo.
    I would assume it would be wise to have eyebrow tattoos done prior to starting Chemo, if you want it done.
    Once that you have started Chemo, you will be more prone to infection, especially if your White Cell numbers drop as they often do on Chemo. Depending on the time frame that you have, you may not get your touch up prior to Chemo. If you don't ask if they will do it after chemo, they may be sympathetic.
    I finished  Chemo in August, and still have few eyebrow hairs. But they weren't thick before.
    I missed my eyelashes too, they grew back 2 months after chemo.
    Good luck with your decisions, and your future treatments.
  • Kiki_Dances60Kiki_Dances60 Member Posts: 26
    Dear @CarrieP, big time for you.
    I’d not heard about micro blading, so didn’t do it. I’m drawing my eyebrows on with varying success. 
    My onc dissuaded me from cold cap : he said due to fortnightly AC regime, it probably wouldn’t work - I don’t like my head cold or the idea of spending longer in the chemo unit, so didn’t pursue. I had my hair cut short before chemo started. My thick hair began to fall out day 13 of chemo (AC). Still quite confronting. Hubby v patient vacuuming daily for a fortnight! Eyebrows and eyelashes slowly disappeared. Only a few left of each as I come to the end of 10 weekly Taxol (5 months later).
    note: most of my body hair has also disappeared! Just a few leg hairs and pubes left!! 
    Since the start I’ve been massaging in jojoba oil all over (including scalp) to combat the dry skin.
    best of luck with it all. 
  • LocksleyLocksley Macedon Ranges, VictoriaMember Posts: 276
    I had my eyebrows tattooed in approx 2017,   They have faded now and I want to do it again.   I do need to wait until I have finished treatment.  I am now on blood thinners for 6 months so I am guessing the wait will now be 6 months longer.  I miss my eyebrows.  
  • CarriePCarrieP Perth WAMember Posts: 34
    thanks everyone for there advice, spoke to my oncologist and she said ok to do my eyebrows as my 1st chemo treatment is the 31st Dec, so I did this last Friday and they look good, I know it sounds vain but one thing I don’t have to be confronted with when I lose my eyebrows. My oncologist also dissuaded me from the cold cap idea as treatment is every 2 weeks for 4 rounds and then every week for 16 rounds on another chemo drug. She said that she had mixed reviews on the cold cap, being that it add extra time to your sessions and hurts I have forgone doing this. X
  • AbbydogAbbydog Adelaide, South AustraliaMember Posts: 197
    Dear CarrieP,
    I don't know why so many Oncologists dissuade patients from the Cold Cap.
    There are many ladies on this site who have had success, including myself.
    You would probably know before the 3rd treatment if it is working or not. You could give it up then.
    I had similar chemo for 20 weeks. 4x 2weekly EC, then 12xweekly Paclitaxol.
    I'm glad that you did the eyebrows. I have no idea how I would have down mine on after they were all gone.
    Side effects vary widely amongst all of us. I had no serious side effects, it was all manageable. No nausea either.
    All the best of luck with your Chemo. Report any problems to your Oncologist, there may be some good advice or treatment available. Thinking of you.
  • CarriePCarrieP Perth WAMember Posts: 34
    Hi @Abbydog, will have to look into this, my oncologist said there is only 2 places in WA at hospitals that do this and i am not going to either so not sure if i will get in now.
    I am on 4x 2 weekly of Doxorubicin and Cyclophosphamide plus Pegfilgrastim ( are there abbreviations for these :))
    then i am on Paclitaxol for 16 weeks - i am glad to hear no serious side affects and that it was manageable.
    i think my biggest fear after reading how everyone reacts is the neuropathy that people can get on Paclitaxol - fingers crossed i am one of the lucky ones.
    does anyone have any advice on things to do pre having this chemo so i can combat or lessen the chance of getting neuropathy.
  • AbbydogAbbydog Adelaide, South AustraliaMember Posts: 197
    Dear CarrieP,
    I too had late change of mind to give Cold Cap a go.
    I was lucky to be accommodated.
    Just ask if you are interested, but do it soon.
    You will be ok regardless. The Pegfilgrastin (I can't think of an abbreviation either) is a stimulant to the bone marrow.
    In an effort to avoid low White Blood cells, and therefor possible infections. And to help avoid delays in your continued treatment. I only received this while on EC (Epirubicin and Cyclophosphamide) as this was called dose dense.
    With the Paclitaxol, some ladies here have used ice/cold therapy on their hands and feet, I hadn't heard of it.
    Therefore I didn't try this. I didn't get peripheral neuropathy
    You should be able to find their posts here somewhere, or they may reply here to you.
    If you aren't able to use the cold cap, you may want to buy a wig and/or scarves to be ready for hair loss, in case you do feel unwell later.
    You may like to cook up and freeze some meals etc.
    Because I din't have nausea, I cooked quite a lot, but this was also during COVID lockdown and lots of people did this.
    The Dexamethasone that you will probably be given with each Chemo can stimulate appetite, and temporary energy.
    So you may find a pattern of more and less energy days.
    You may want to have some drugs ready for constipation. With EC this is common. Maybe similar to your chemo.
    Read the possible side effects for your drugs. I took Coloxyl with senna morning and night for 2 days following EC for constipation. You will find out for yourself.
    I hope some of this is helpful.

  • CarriePCarrieP Perth WAMember Posts: 34
    thanks so much Abbydog, it helps heaps x
  • MazbethMazbeth BrisbaneMember Posts: 95
    Hi @CarrieP I did a similar chemo regime and I wished I had time to have had my brows done before I started - you will be so pleased you did! I tried the cold cap and was very dedicated to making it work, but after the 2nd chemo my hair just fell out. I determined to prove my oncologist wrong and be a ‘hair success’, but unfortunately my hair had other plans - I found it really distressing when it didn’t work as I had read how so many girls had been successful. Anyway, I guess the message is that we are all so different in how we react to treatment.
    That said, I managed chemo well and took on board the great advice I got here. I took the anti nausea meds as my nurses told me to take them and to not wait; they also said not to try and ride out the sick feeling, as if it starts it can be hard to manage. I was never sick. I was definitely tired/fatigued at different stages, but you will get to know the days where you feel the most tired and need to take it easy.
    As far as neuropathy goes, I did the ‘ice therapy’ - which I read about on here. @PV123 and @Locksley have both used it too, so I have tagged them as they may be able to help too. You will most likely have to get the things yourself, but that isn’t hard and I just kept my little kit ready each week. I iced my hands and feet and did not experience any severe issues. My doctor and nurses were very supportive. You need to ice before the infusion starts and for a time after the infusion finishes. I felt it was well worth it. 
    I am happy to send pics - I have put some up somewhere, but I can send them if you need. I bought my ‘booties’ online from a place in the USA and I just put gloves on my hands and put them in a bowl of ice. I used the hospital gloves.
    I hope this helps and I am wishing you well. Mx
  • CarriePCarrieP Perth WAMember Posts: 34
    thanks Mazbeth, if you can send me the pics that would be great or what the name of the products you used. Also is this more to be used when you start Paclitaxol and not the other chemo drugs, if so that is good as i have plenty of time to get these.

  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 3,276
    Peripheral neuropathy can be temporary but not always, so avoid it if you can. Ice treatment certainly worth trying but if your oncologist is happy, you might also try taking Vitamin B. Ice treatment wasn’t around when I had chemo but Vitamin B did help, even taking it when the PN was well developed. Best wishes.
  • CarriePCarrieP Perth WAMember Posts: 34
    thanks Afraser x

  • MazbethMazbeth BrisbaneMember Posts: 95
    I was the same as you, I had time to get things ready as you only use it for the taxol part of it. @Afraser  - great idea to take vitamin B. I did quite well as I only had a ‘tingly’ feeling in some of my toes toward the end. What dose of Vit B should be taken? I wonder if it would help with my joints and feet from the Femara I take? 
    @CarrieP make sure you let your doctor know if you feel anything at all - as it can kind of build up and keep going after you finish taxol. My doctor told me not to hide it from him as they want to avoid any permanent damage. Also, he told me that whilst 12 is the number, he said that taxol was still effective if I only made it to 9. He told me this on the first day of taxol because he wanted to reassure me that it wasn’t a big deal if I didn’t reach 12, it was more important to ensure I didn’t have permanent nerve issues. 
    Another good thing to remember is that your medical team will be doing everything they can to keep you well during chemo, so make sure you let them know if you are having any issues. I went out and bought all kinds of things ‘just in case’ I needed them. Whilst I didn’t really use a lot of them most of the time, they were handy to have - biotene mouthwash, fruit tingles, Moo Goo products etc. 
    I also kept a calendar and put a big Red Cross on each day I finished a round of treatment - I loved doing that!
    I will send the pics through. Take care M x

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