Loss of nipple sensitivity

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Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone has experienced this problem (I am sure some of you have).
I had a lumpectomy in January followed by 3 weeks of radiation in February this year.
My scars have healed well and although I had quite severe cording, it has settled down now. 
I have some stiffness in my arm/ chest wall that is gradually improving.
However, my nipple just doesn't seem to have regained its old sensitivity. I was so keen not to have a mastectomy because I know that reconstructed breasts have much less feeling, but didn't realise that this could be a side effect of lumpectomy as well,
I am wondering whether anyone else has experienced this loss of nipple sensation, and did it ever return?


  • HappySoul
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    Hi Growlcat,
    I also had a lumpectomy & sentinel node biopsy in January this year followed by 4 weeks radiotherapy March-April. Fortunately for me my nipple did not need any incisions around it & the tumour & lymph nodes were removed by one single incision approx 5cm wide at about 1 o’Clock. The result is fabulous & I healed extremely well & I am pleased to say I still have some nipple sensation. 
    My only issue is, my nipple has now become inverted. When I saw my surgeon in August he didn’t seem too concerned & said I still had a lot of lymphoedema in the breast & that would take ‘some time’ to resolve. I’m still very grateful to have kept my breast & nipple but I too sometimes lament that it’s just not quite the same & I continue to work on accepting my ‘new normal’. Best wishes in your continuing recovery too 😊
  • Leia
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    my surgery was in May, and radiation in July. Like you, I’ve healed well, with ongoing stiffness in my arm/shoulder. The nipple on my affected breast is ‘strange’- the skin is quite ‘tough’ and is a yellowish colour compared to the other side. Sensation has definitely been altered. I find if I go for a long walk the rubbing gets quite painful. Oh well, a small problem, and I’m hoping it will improve over time.
  • Dory65
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    Hi @Leia,
    my guess is that it's a radiotherapy side effect. I finished  radiotherapy last February. The breast texture and skin surface felt very strange for months, but now it's less leathery and has more sensation. Give it time. All the best. xxx
  • arpie
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    Hi @Growlcat, my nipple was removed in Jan 2018, the cancer removed immediately under it and then the nipple was sewn back on.  I am amazed that my sensitivity has returned, probably 90-95% tho t took a while!

    It may just take time for all the nerves to reconnect .. I hope it does. 

    I had my rads ‘face down’ with the rays going under the bed .... so it sure if that may have helped?

    all the best xx