Going flat following reconstruction

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Hi ladies I was diagnosed with stage 3 her2 + in 2015 with Chemo, radiation and bilateral mastectomy. At the time of my surgery the only option presented to me was reconstruction with implants which I did following expanders etc. now 4 years on I still feel very heavy in the chest and feel like the implants will never be part of me. My question is has anyone removed theirs implants and gone flat? I’d love to hear your stories and if you have any recommendations for surgeons in Sydney. Many thanks and sending lots of love 


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    Hi @Prue78
    I haven’t got implants removed. I actually still have expanders in. However, I’ve done a lot of research on the subject because I was very indecisive about what to do post double mastectomy. A lot of women choose to explant after a few years, for the same or similar reason to yours. According to them, they felt great afterwards. There’s a few pages where you can check out their stories, like Flat and Fabulous. 
    I will pm you the name of my current surgeon in Sydney. She’s at N Shore Private (and St Vincents). She’s absolutely fantastic and I’m certain she can help you with your dilemma. 
    All the best ❤️