Lymph gland behind ear has lump

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Hi there, I’m currently on 4th round AC, after my  3rd round, the lymph gland in my neck (Surgery side) behind ear swelled up and was painful, it has slowly gone down, but a hard lump has remained behind my ear. Got an appointment w GP on Friday, but wondering if anyone else had this as well.....


  • Afraser
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    Haven’t experienced it myself (my ‘swollen lymph node’ turned out not to be a lymph node at all but a benign schwannoma) but simple infections can cause swelling. Always best to get it checked out however. Best wishes for a happy resolution. 
  • MicheleR
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    My lymph nodes in armpit whilst on ac were swollen for a while. I had an ultrasound and they were just reactive. I did kind of feel stressed about it. 
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    All the best xx