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Morning All this is a very random question but I’m looking at buying a new mattress and have been looking at all the new memory foam style in particular Sleeping Duck.  As I have constant hot flushes/night sweats was wondering whether they will  retain the heat and just make it worse for sleeping.  I currently have the normal old style spring sort and don’t have that issue.  Thanks in advance for my tips🙂


  • June1952
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    My only experience of the memory foam was at a B & B - and you are correct, it was uncomfortably hot, even when the room was not heated.
    My friend bought one with the 'topper' and finds it very uncomfortable.
    Another hint - make sure whatever you buy can be turned as some these days are only one-sided.
    After our B & B experience I remembered our Mum putting a layer of foam under our sheets to keep us warm (we had a poor childhood) so it must all hold the body heat.
    Look forward to comments from others.
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    Yeah, just the thought of sleeping on memory foam starts my pores leaking. I can't even tolerate a memory foam pillow. The mattresses are really comfy, and maybe in the future might be an option for me, but boy oh boy, they really hold the heat.
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    We have had a latex mattress. It was warm and very heavy when changing sheets.
    We now have a Tempur Mattress. It is warm too. I think there is a model that is supposed to be vented to avoid over heating.

  • Annie C
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    Our previous mattress was a single sided, cardboard lined supposedly inner spring foam topper that was a nightmare to sleep on.

    We have recently bought new mattresses. They are of the old style that are able to be turned over and rotated head to tail. Good quality, well made comfortable inner spring and the best bit made right here in Australia.

    The service and advice given from the sales staff was top notch. It was necessary, due to remoteness, that liaison needed to be via internet and telephone. 

    The company - Makin Mattresses - their website indicates that they have stores in all states.

    I did like the sales persons technique when I asked about a particular mattress at a particular price and her comment was
    "Dear, That's the mattress that we recommend for the guest room and you only want your visitors to stay three days". 

    I bought the next category mattress at the more expensive price. Best decision I made sleep wise.

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    @Annie C thanks - we are actually replacing a Makin Mattress that is approx 16 years old.  I would prefer to just have this again but hubby is keen to try the new style ones.  I certainly agree being able to turn it each way is what has made it last so long.