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An excellent article on Lobular Cancer

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Invasive Lobular Carcinoma Is an Understudied Form of Breast Cancer. 

It’s Time to Change That

(Below are comments from the Facebook Page that I found this link - at the bottom)

It's those very emotive words that punch right into my heart when I read this, bringing back the events from 11 years ago.
A wonderful article written by Diane Mapes for a more general audience but hitting the spot for all of us who've been through this.

I just hope it reaches some women who may have symptoms as yet undiagnosed and prompt them to see a doctor armed with this information.

One thing I'd add to this article is that even doctors, regular GP's, have never heard of lobular BC. When I see a different doctor I ask if they have heard of it and they have always said no. I ask if they realise it doesn't form a lump so can't be found in a manual exam. Again, always a surprise for them. 

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