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FLCloverFLClover Member Posts: 370
Hello! This is me and @Pumpkin59. We met on this forum when I discovered she’d had the same first surgeon as me. She started her bc journey before me, and went through a really hard time with said surgeon until she changed to another one, who turned her life around for the better. After that she began to get better and really heal. Because of her recommendation I did the same, and am also now on a much better path. After talking on the forum for a while, we finally met for a coffee yesterday. We had a great day of chatting and laughing, and found we had a lot in common. 
This kind of support is invaluable in our situation, as we truly understand what it’s like for the other and can share helpful tips. It’s not very easy to find though so I’m very grateful things turned out the way they did. We are based in Sydney, so if anyone else wants to reach out for a chat, info exchange, tips or just to say hello, please do 😊. 
Love, Mon Xxx


  • FLCloverFLClover Member Posts: 370
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