Prolia (denosumab) may not reduce the risk of recurrence

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The authors of these articles reviewed the studies that linked Prolia (denosumab) with reducing recurrence risk and do not accept the link:

It is best to confirm the benefits and risks of the drug with your specialist.

I am posting these links as a reference and cannot engage in discussion about them.



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    I had a quick read and it looks like the jury is still out as to whether denosumab has any effect on cancer. I am sure over time they will discover more. However, we are primarily given denosumab to help prevent bone fractures and it certainly does this. I have been on monthly denosumab for around three years now. Every time I discuss with my doctor about reducing the time in between injections (to say 3mo or 6 mo) she can't make up her mind. So she is obviously still struggling with whether there is wider benefits by staying on denosumab. A friends mother was on denosumab for osteoporosis and stoped taking it to have some dental work done. She fractured her back very soon after coming off the denosumab and apparently this is a well known problem. Apparently, there is another drug you can take to stop this happening. Must remember to check if ever I am asked to stop taking denosumab completely.