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I had DCIS last September, it was removed, but no lymph glands removed. No radiation treatment was said to be needed as it was caught early. I now have a sore spot on my side sort of under where your bra band goes around your body on the opposite breast. Had an ex-ray last week showed up normal but I am going for a U/S on Monday to make sure there is nothing hiding on my rib wall. Today I have started to get these tingle, tremor feeling in my left breast, they happen every few minutes. I would just like to know if anyone else has had these sensations it's just like an eyelid flicker. Thanks in advance.


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    I know that tremor feeling. I get it on and off in my left breast - right breast was off in November. My MRI shows nothing but it makes me nervous. I am planning on getting it off as soon as chemo finishes. These breasts make us very nervous, don’t they, as soon as you’ve found that one has betrayed you. Fingers crossed everything comes back good for you xx
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    Thank you, I was getting to feel like my imagination was taking over. Take care, here is hoping every thing goes to plan for you.
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    I found that I was getting random pains in & around my breast  for about 2 years after surgery.  The doctor said its usually the nerves growing back, but if it worries you make sure to get it checked out :smile:
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    Will do as it's the opposite side.
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    That happened to me and it turned out to be shingles. 
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    That sounds no good, I hope it has gone now.