QUE Hot Flush Medication Drug Trial

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I have just completed the trial. It was a double blind study, meaning that no one knew whether I was on the real drug or the placebo (except the pharmacist). I think I was on the actual drug. I had fewer severe hot flushes, and especially at night. It didn't get rid of them completely but my severe ones were knocked back to moderate, the moderate to mild, and the mild ones stopped.

It's been a rude shock going back to life without it. Especially at night. I'm being woken more frequently and the flushes are more intense and last longer. So once again my sleep has deteriorated into utter crap.

It was the third human trial of this drug. Which I think is promising as surely they wouldn't keep testing it if they thought it wasn't working would they? The only side effect I had was possibly some constipation.

One of the study co-ordinators said that they'll be looking at dosage, so maybe the next study will be on a pill with more of the active ingredient.

I found it an interesting experience to have, if sometimes time consuming and irritating. Logging and ranking all your hot flushes for six weeks is tedious! The doctors and study co-ordinators I dealt with were kind and lovely. The doctor was coming in on his day off everytime I saw him. Such commitment.

Wouldn't it be funny if I was on the placebo?! The power of the mind eh. However right now if they offered me a bottle of the capsules I'd take it.


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    Assuming you got the real one and The results being so positive, I hope it becomes available to help alleviate those with nasty hot flushes.