Thyroid and Breast Cancer

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This message is for Arpie. Could you perhaps let me know the name of your specialist. I have not come across ANY doctor who understands thyroid problems or even thinks that perhaps there may be a connection between both medical issues. I put on weight (which I can ill afford to do) when I took Tamoxifen and drs. told me it doesn't do that but it did to me.  I stopped taking it after one year because the side effects made my life not worth living.  I have been off it almost 1 year now  - no weight gain - and I don't want to take it again.  Also, my GP just looks at the TSH, T4 and T3 and says "normal - all good" but I know that it is not. I was diagnosed in July 2017 and had surgery to remove the lump and 6 weeks radiotherapy.  Now I just wait and hope that it will never reoccur.  I would just like to have a doctor who understands that "normal range" is not a one size fits all and also understands how breast cancer can affect a person going forward.



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    Hi @Bridgette whereabouts are you located? I live in Brisbane and have a fantastic GP that really understands thyroid disease.  I was diagnosed with Hashimotos disease in April 18 and then BC Oct 18 and have been on tamoxifen since.  My GP does bloods every 4 months and checks my thyroid so carefully to make sure my medication is spot on.
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    Interesting, because some blood collection clinics report the range slightly differently for the thyroid levels.  What is within normal range varies, no consistency.  
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    Hi Keeping positive.  I guess that is why it is so important to have a doctor with a special interest in thyroid problems and understands that not very patient is the same- mind you that applies to all things in general.  I think the levels should only be a guide and not accept as a strict measure for everyone.
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    I see an endocrinologist that makes sure I am on correct medication dosage.  
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    @Bridgette Thought I'd tag @arpie in as you wanted her to respond to your initial post.  Just put a @ symbol before anyone's name & it will send a message to them!
    Anyway, I was diagnosed in Dec. '17 & had surgery, rad treatment but i am on no medication.
    I was diagnosed with Graves disease (over active thyroid) around 20 years ago & was put on a toxic drug that i was only supposed to be on for around 6 months. This was discovered around 3 yrs ago so i was taken off it & not put on other further medication as the endo was seeing if it would come back. Unfortunately, after my cancer treatment & further routine blood tests, it was discovered that my Graves disease had returned. I asked many different doctors if it was related to the cancer or the rad treatment & they all said I put it down to a coincidence! Anyway, it was decided for me to have a radioactive iodine tablet which would treat my gland & now i am on thyroxine for the rest of my life but this is a very safe & common drug. I still wonder, like you, if there is a link so good luck in your findings & let us know if you discover a good doctor who knows the answer. Good luck xx

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    Thank you Primek.  The trick is finding an endocrinologist in my area.  I have only met with one once before the hashimoto's was diagnosed and all he did was charge me a fortune for a 5 min consultation and said I had to go on a diet!  When I was diagnosed with autoimmune hashimoto's  I had an answer for the mystery of why my weight was increasing at such a quick rate irrespective of how little I ate.  The most important thing for me now is to hope and pray that the cancer does not come back.
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    Hi @Bridgette ..  I’ve sent you a message.  

    Where abouts do you live?  (City/town). If you add it to your profile, members may be able to point you to specific facilities that may be useful to you.

    All the best xx
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    @Bridgette I see one through telehealth through my GP practice all covered by medicare.

    Hypothyroidism doesn't have an increased risk ftom what I've read.
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    Thank you for your post and also for the link.  I guess I only worried going forward because I still have about 3.5 years to go to get an all clear.  I guess is it natural to worry about it coming back.