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Double Mastectomy & Reconstruction Support/Advice

Elle_V92Elle_V92 Member Posts: 4
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Hi everyone, 
I saw my breast surgeon today for my post lumpectomy follow up appointment. There was much more DCIS found as suspected including in all 3 margins plus some other suspicious looking bits. I had decided already that after my lumpectomy I would be having a double mastectomy and reconstruction because the thought of it coming back and being worse as well as the stress of frequent follow ups to check if the cancer had returned with an already strong family history was too much for me. I feel comfortable about my decision to have a double mastectomy and reconstruction, I'll be having the expanders put in first and then about 6 months after I will have the second operation for the silicone implants. If there are any ladies on here who have had the same surgery I would love to hear from you, hear your experience and hear any information or advice you feel is important. If you don't feel comfortable talking about it on here I would be very open to hearing from you on Facebook via private message.
Hoping to hear from some of you over the next little while and sending lots of love to anyone going through the same journey.  3


  • NewBoobsPLSNewBoobsPLS Panania, NSWMember Posts: 75
    Hi @Elle_V92 how was your first surgery. Keen to hear your experience if you are willing to share.
  • Elle_V92Elle_V92 Member Posts: 4
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    Hey @NewBoobsPLS I'd be happy to chat to you about it. Feel free to message me on Facebook. You can find me under Elle V. x

  • MariaEMariaE Member Posts: 3
    Elle_V92 said:
    Hey @NewBoobsPLS I'd be happy to chat to you about it. Feel free to message me on Facebook. You can find me under Elle V. x

    Hi Elle, I am planing to get my expanders removed in the next 3 months and I am still deciding what to do? Should I get implants, reconstruction or go flat? Could you please share your experience? Thanks
  • NewBoobsPLSNewBoobsPLS Panania, NSWMember Posts: 75
    @MariaE Elle and i had the same surgeon, two different cancer diagnoses, both with tissue expanders and Elle has transfered to implants. More detailed info can be found on our stories and others at the "choosing reconstruction" group.
    Happy to chat any time.
  • LeiaMLeiaM Member Posts: 3
    Hi ladies. After some advice please. My story and journey is a little different to some I have been reading. 
    I was 26 when I was first told I had DCIS. No family history. Due to my age and history my dr advised against any treatment. Over the last 12+ years I have been getting regular mammograms and ultrasounds. Over the years I have had over 10 fibroadenomas develop with a change just recently to atypical papillary in one lump. I now have the option to have a bilateral reconstruction just my own muscle and fat. 
    Has anyone else had this done that would love to chat to me about it all. 
    I hope my message finds you all well. 
  • NewBoobsPLSNewBoobsPLS Panania, NSWMember Posts: 75
    Hi @LeiaM, im so sorry no one has
    gotten back to you on here. Try posting on the front page for better results @FLClover are you a moderator can uou move this post?
    I myself have had a double mastectomy with implant reconstruction however there are so many reconstruction options these days. 
    My only advice is ask lots of questions and ask your surgeon why they are recomending this procedure for you and not others. This will ensure you understand all your options.
    Best of luck.
  • FLCloverFLClover Sydney Member Posts: 843
    Thanks @NewBoobsPLS! I forget about this group so don’t check it often. I’m not a moderator, but I can tag @mum2jj to move it to the general discussions and the recon groups, and to send @LeiaM a request to join if she hasn’t already. I agree that you should be asking your surgeon a lot of questions, and make sure they’re answered to your satisfaction. 
    There are many photo stories in the recon group that I’m sure will answer most of your questions before your surgeon does though. Good luck!! 🍀♥️
  • CityfarmchickCityfarmchick Member Posts: 3 New Member
    Hi @LeiaM
    I hope u r doing well.
    I had a different situation but have had a bilateral mastectomy with diep flap recon. 
    What would u like to know?
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