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Lymphatic Vascular Invasions LVI’s

Pumpkin59Pumpkin59 Member Posts: 15
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Hi just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and how you dealt with it. I had lumpectomy 3 months ago, all lymph nodes clear and negative but I had these LVI’s and it is very difficult to get a clear margin. Having chemo at the moment I’m tossing up between another lumpectomy or full mastectomy with DIEP. So confused   Thanks ladies 


  • GlemmisGlemmis Member Posts: 316
    Hi @Pumpkin59, when I was diagnosed in 2016, my tumour was 1.6 centimetres so lumpectomy was suggested. The margins weren’t clear & surgeon said I had widespread LVI so said I needed mastectomy. When pathology came back I actually had 4 centimetres of LVI so the right decision had been made. Luckily CT & bone scans were clear. I did 6 months of chemo & radiotherapy for 5 weeks. If you are having chemo first there is a chance this will clear up the LVI. What are your team advising? I had no choice but looking back wish I had a mastectomy to start with as more time was lost mucking around & they had removed so much of my breast in the lumpectomy.  I have had the other breast removed & double Diep since & am very happy with the results. 
  • Pumpkin59Pumpkin59 Member Posts: 15
    Hi Glemmis, thank you for your honest response. That’s great to hear you are happy with your results. You sound very positive and that is good to hear At post op appointment with surgeon I had 5.5 cms  LVI the options he gave me  6 months chemo 5 weeks radiation and the a mastectomy with DIEP and I met with plastic surgeon on same day who told me to expect $10 - $15 out of pocket ! Even with top cover. Radiation oncologist told me I had option of another lumpectomy?? I’m very interested in your DIEP. If I may ask did you have a lot of out of pocket expenses? I too am thinking like you. Instead of mucking around I wish it was done and dusted. You are an inspiration to me that there is light at the end of the tunnel and this most confusing time. All the best 
  • GlemmisGlemmis Member Posts: 316
    It was very worrying at the time plus 3 lymph nodes had cancer but they got it all in the end. Having a mastectomy is not an easy decision especially if you are being offered other options. Are all your team in agreement with a lumpectomy as this may help you decide?  I was out of pocket 14,000 for the plastic surgeon and more for my breast surgeon who performed my prophylactic mastectomy on the other side. I didn’t have a lot of tummy fat for 2 breasts but have the same size as before which is all I wanted. Join the breast reconstruction group as there will be others who may be able to recommend a surgeon practising in private & public system. 
  • Pumpkin59Pumpkin59 Member Posts: 15
    Thank you! I’m seeing my surgeon early November and I feel more informed than I was post op. When I saw him I had  terrible nerve pain from node biopsy and had pain relief and I just  remember my head was spinning with $ and and information I had never heard before. Thanks again Glemmis
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