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A question to BCNA. After my previous comments and contact direct from Giovanna re MBC and my request for INCLUSION. What is BCNA doing for MBC in October, other than dedicating one day in the month.
BCNA you have my contact details, will wait to hear from you.


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    I agree with PeterB what is happening about inclusion 
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    Hello @PeterB 

    We are launching another video with Rob Fincher aimed specifically at men. He asked that this video be launched on Male Breast Cancer Day so we will be doing this. All our communications and activities in October will be inclusive of men. We are holding an early and metastatic breast cancer forum on the Gold Coast on the 12th and 13th and will be streaming the metastatic breast cancer forum. This is looking like a great program and relevant for all.

    We will keep you updated with our October activities as we get closer to the month. If you have any questions or feedback @PeterB, as always, please give us a call on 1800 500 258.

    I also wanted to share with you and the online community a post that I added in the men’s group as you may all be interested in the other videos we have recently produced with Rob and John starring.

    'I just wanted to highlight a couple of videos and some recent promotion of the men's  online group with you both.

    Robs story - one man’s breast cancer journey click here

    John and his breast friends.  John was diagnosed with early breast cancer in 2016. We invited him to share his story and the importance of support and 'breast friends' click here

    We also had some recent promotion of the 'Men living with breast cancer' online group in our recent breast cancer network news that was sent out nationally to over 120,000 BCNA members and nearly 2000 health professional click here'

    regards Giovanna

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