My Otis Retreat

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Hubby and I arrived back from Thredbo on Sunday - after 9 days away - including 5 days in Creekside, the Otis Foundation retreat in Thredbo.

We stayed in Sydney for the first night with my brother & SIL, then down the coast to Batemans Bay with another friend ....who has just taken delivery of a gorgeous miniature schnauzer! Talk about drop dead gorgeous!

Creekside is wonderful!   A massive 4 bedroom home with 3 bathrooms, large lounge & dining rooms & gorgeous outlook to the mountains ..... it wasn't as cold as I thought it might be (that may be changing this weekend tho, with the big cold snap passing thru!)

I scored the master bedroom on  my own (as hubby snores & I figured I may as well sleep 'well'!)

One of the guest bathrooms - There was even a Sauna! (We didn't use it tho!)  

The river (and golf course) was just a short walk away & I flicked some fluff, to no effect!  (I  am a better salt water fisho than fresh!)

One day was a tad wet, so the boys went for a swim instead

I found this game in the Sallies - and it was the HIT of the trip!  Everyone wanted to play it!!  The 6 piece lengths bend at specific spots & can be positioned in any way they bend, on the board!  You try & match the pics below.  Some were VERY easy - but when up in the Senior & Wizard puzzles - VERY tricky!

This was where the Thredbo disaster was - when the hill gave way & 2 or more Lodges cascaded down the hill, killing 16.  :(  

A very sobering moment.   Nothing will be built here, ever.  Stuart Diver still lives in Thredbo with his daughter.  He lost his 1st wife in the avalanche - and his 2nd wife to Breast Cancer.  He is a spokesperson for Breast Cancer.

A solitary fly fisho!!  The trout were just behind those rocks in the front!   LOL

We saw some thumpers in this run - my brother & SIL spotting them!!

We saw a heap of animals - deer, goats, gorgeous mountain birds ... it was just lovely getting out & communing with nature

We had a glorious time down there - and plan on going back to investigate it further, probably using Jindabyne as the base - as it is more reliable with the weather (and has the lake so I can put my kayak in for a fish instead of being shore based only!)

I did lots of walking too, which surprised me!  Tho the weather didn't allow us to go up & do the Kosciusko walk (thank GOD!) as the mountain tops were closed in every day.  We saw a family of 6 coming down in the chairlift in the pouring rain one day - it didn't look like fun to me!!

It is just wonderful that families like the Humphries make their 'holiday homes' available to us - and reading some of the comments from previous recipients - it was all very moving.

If you haven't looked into an Otis Retreat - I would urge you to.  It can be for you alone, or you & your family and/or friends ....
they have retreats available in most states (except Tassie and NT.)   I understand there are not many in WA  :(    The only cost to you is 'getting there' and providing your own food and drinks.  Everything else is catered for.

Take care xx


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    OMG   @arpie  some awesome Pics you took.  It looks fantastic and the house looks great.  I might have to have a look up in Qld and see what is available. xo
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    Fantastic review and photos of your time away, the place looks gorgeous.  I did not know that about Stuart Divers second wife :( thanks for sharing xx
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    Hello @arpie, so lovely to read of your relaxing getaway with terrific photos. I felt relaxed just looking at them! And I agree, the kindness and generosity of others is amazing. I hope you are planning your next holiday!

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    So glad you and Keith had a wonderful time! And I agree with you, those gums are superb. K xox
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    Wow! thanks for the photos and report.  
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    The only mitigating circumstance was the steps ..... 15 from the garage to the bedrooms & another 15 from the bedrooms/toilets up to the kitchen and lounge/BBQ areas.  

    Whilst I was able to climb them without too much distress, we were always trying to bring as much with us each time, to prevent going up & down, again & again .... and again!!

    So if steps (or other things) may hinder your enjoyment of the Otis Retreat - make sure you check it out with them before confirming the booking!  :)

    Good exercise (luckily whilst off the Exemestane!!)