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Newly diagnosed BC but I dont know stage and type



  • EunyoungEunyoung Member Posts: 5
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    Hi @youngdogmum thanks for asking my condition. You are a such a lovely one. 
    First of all, i am triple negative and started chemo-AC dense dose fortnightly from 3/5. After first chemo, I had severe reflux that made me so sick. At time of that settled, I had fever of 39.9 WoW. My neutrophils dropped to 0.16. I had 4 days of admission. Yesterday, I had 2nd cycle of AC +neulasta inj as per does dense protocol.I feel better than my first chemo. Thanks god. Hopefully, it continues. Luckily, there is no metastasis and my tumor has shrunk by nearly 50%. I feel so thankful for that.

    How are you? Did you started chemo? It tested me my limit to be honest. But dont be scared we are stronger than that. By the way, can I ask about income protection claim? I presume you have Qsuper insurance. Did you have any problem with claiming?

    Thanks @youngdogmum for rememebering me again. I just wanna give a big hug xoxo.
  • youngdogmumyoungdogmum Gold Coast Member Posts: 248
    Hi @Eunyoung
    Sorry to hear your first AC was bad, I hope the rest are okay.
    Im officially finished with AC and move to dose dense Taxol on 28/05! I’ve managed through without anything significant so far except the emotional side of things, but am currently battling an URTI. No fevers though! Here’s hoping.

    Yes my QSuper came through which has been an absolute blessing. They are keen to start talks of when I’m considering returning to work...but the doctors are more than happy for me to take my time and go back when I’m ready. 

    Amazing news with the tumour; I suppose that’s one good thing about triple negative it seems to absolutely get destroyed!!! 

    Take care xx
  • jennyssjennyss Western NSWMember Posts: 780
    Dear @Eunyoung, Aren't our network members so lovely and understanding. I too have found the network supported me a lot.

    from jennyss  in Western NSW
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