My research on Mastectomy Swimwear

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In my research of writing a piece on Mastectomy Swimwear for different shapes and sizes ... i came across this old bcna post ...

Also a blog that supports women who CHOOSES NOT to have reconstruction. 

BREASTFREE ORG - great site.

Make sure you check out the article on

Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to Make a Micro Bead Breast Form

bye for now ... still researching ... info & feedback on your swimwear needed after mastectomy - any tips to share

back to googling with my glass of wine ... hope you are all well and taking in a day at a time.  I just started yoga and it helps me to remember that I still can be Beautiful, Happy and Brave post cancer!

good night - xxxooo



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    here is the site:


    The Alternative to Reconstruction

    Information, Advice, and Support

       For women considering whether or not to have reconstruction
       For women who have already decided against reconstruction

    The loss of one or both breasts to breast cancer can be devastating. Some women believe immediate or delayed reconstruction will help them recover emotionally from the trauma of mastectomy. But many women decide against breast reconstruction. Sometimes because they dread the pain and risk of additional surgery. Sometimes because medical issues make reconstruction inadvisable. But many women decide against reconstruction for positive reasons.