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I get my Herceptin at a private hospital under a govt funded scheme. Today they decided my temp was too high, My BP was too high and my heart was racing too much to have treatment. They sent me to their ED on the understanding I wouldn’t need to pay. I got there and the triage nurse told me I had to fork out $420. I told her I would leave and go to the public but thank you. She asked me to stay while she spoke to the doctor and then came out and said they would do it this once but not again. I informed her I was happy to leave. At that point the doctor came out all smiles and ushered me in. The triage nurse had to have her last say and called out to me, “so you don’t have insurance at all?” Half an hour later triage nurse comes in and tells me I will have to pay for any scans. Once she left I told the dr No scans thanks. He agreed with this request. FOUR HOURS later they give me a script for a viral infection! Even the public was quicker than this. I am now tired sore and cranky not to mention really hungry as I haven’t been able to swallow. I then came home and wished my daughter a happy birthday and put dinner on. Just as well we finished making her cake last night. Okay. Rant over. 


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    Oh Didi! What a day. Please put your feet up, or preferably go to bed, and rest. Feel better VERY soon. K xox
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    Early dinner so I can have early night. So much food left as usual. She chose chicken enchiladas for main and chocolate caramel cinnamon cake for dessert.
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    What a palaver !
    hope you're feeling better @Blossom1961
    cake looks yum !!
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    Crikies...what a mess. That would have given me a racing heart. Tablets for viral ...what tamiflu?
    Cake looks gawgus.
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    That's a bummer @Blossom1961  ..... so sorry you had to go thru all that & hope you are feeling better ASAP!  

    Sounds like the Triage Nurse was a bit of a 'pain' tho (and that is being polite!)

    That cake looks DECADENT!  Those candles look like they will 'take off' when lit!!!

    Take care, do what you have to do to get over this speed bump xxx
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    Big Hugs to you @Blossom1961 and hope you feel better soon. xox
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    Wow,didn’t you draw the private hosp short straw with that nurse! But you stood your ground and then went home to make a birthday dinner whilst sick. Your a legend @Blossom1961 !!
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    I am in a better frame of mind this morning although a little tired. I still can’t work out how fever + racing heart + high BP + aches and pains = viral infection not related to flu. Oh well, I will take my meds anyway and even if they don’t work, time will fix it. I am a bit disappointed that my Herceptin injections have been thrown for a week. I was supposed to finish on my birthday and then we were going to have a double celebration. On the bright side, I guess we will have to do two celebrations instead. My poor baby girl ( she just turned 32) didn’t get much interaction from me but she did think the sound coming from my voice box was hilarious. Then the cheeky thing told me I was banned from talking so that it would heal. She said this with the biggest grin.
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    And they wonder why people are abandoning private cover.

    On a slightly different topic, I've been watching with interest the conversation about specialist fees, particularly the insidious practice of charging 'booking fees'--sometimes in the thousands of dollars--that are not covered by insurance and don't show up on medicare claims.

    Roll out another royal commission, this one looking at the behaviour of medical specialists and private hospitals. Some of the collusion, cartels and protectionist strategies in rural areas are criminal, but no-one seems too interested.  Nothing to see here, these people are saving lives, how could anyone suggest they are crooked? Unfortunately it probably wont happen unless the 7.30 Report does a program on it--that seems to do the trick. I live in hope.
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    The Age had a write up in 2002 but nothing was done @ Zoffiel
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    Love my ABC, if for nothing else than their exposes.  You know what annoys me?  Small potatoes in the scheme of things but having to keep going back to get a new referral to a specialist that I am seeing for a specified time.  I get it that it's supposedly to stop specialist's from seeing patients for longer than necessary but when you know that you're going to need to see this person for at least 5 years, why on earth should you have to get a new referral every year?  If that's not a bloody rort, I don't know what is.
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    @Sister Yes, ask your GP for an indefinite referral. I have one for my BS as he's going to be in my life for 10 years. Will get one for my oncologist as well.
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    I railed about the same thing @Sister but apparently you have to ask, no-one offers. I will have at least two referrals for life. Ah well, better to
    know late rather than never. 
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    Thanks @afraser.  I will ask next time I go to the GP.  I've always been told that they only go for a year (or 6 months if it's specialist to specialist) but obviously not the case.
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    @Afraser My GP offered! I'd never heard of them. She's wonderful.