IVF protocols

youngdogmumyoungdogmum Gold Coast Member Posts: 233
Hi guys.
3 days post mastectomy and axillary clearance and I’m doing very well! Discharged yesterday.

If you had oestrogen/progesterone +ve cancer and you underwent IVF to freeze eggs/embryos before chemo id like to know:
did you take a receptor blocker ie tamoxifen/letrozole/zoladex with the stimulants to prevent a significant surge in oestrogen?

Thank you 3


  • Laura_AnnLaura_Ann Canberra Member Posts: 12
    I had an ER and PR positive cancer and had IVF after my surgery and before starting chemo.  I asked the fertility doctor about taking blockers, and he said that because I was having the IVF after surgery, that it wasn’t needed. I was unsure and questioned him about it, but he had spoken to my oncologist and breast surgeon, and they all agreed that it was safe. 

    Just looked at at the date that you posted this, so probably no use now! I hope you’re coping with treatment well.
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