getting the breast out of life

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Excuse the terrible pun in the headding. i was trying to think of something funny :) 
Hello all. Im Anthony. i wanted to join here to learn a bit i guess, maybe get some help on some ways .
I have been a bit shy and reserved about myself since early teenage days, when all my friends grew facial hair and muscles. i grew hips and breasts. and yep that meant the rest of my highschool days i wore baggy t shirts and hoodies. i must of been such a pain to my parents refusing to see doctors on more than one occasion. i felt fine and fit. i just....didnt have the most masculin body. 
Anyway im 31 now. im starting "finally" to accept my body is a bit different. learnt to not get angry at people if they mistakenly call me "miss, or her.. or she"... but in my sort of "ITS OKAY TO HAVE BOOBS" mental growth, i have learnt that my mums aunties, my grandmother. and my mother all had breast cancer , my mums aunty had it twice, and died from it i have since learnt. i dont have any of those women in my life anymore sadly and i was too stubborn to talk about my own breasts with them when they were alive. 

so i guess....i feel somewhat a drift...... 31 year old guy ... im 5ft 9. 55kilos... with "thanks to the lady at BNT" D cup paranoid about their health and prospects.............

Big smiles to you all :) 


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    Hi there'll make a few breast friends here for sure. We actually have a few guys on the forum who have had treatment for breast cancer. Not sure if any of them had "man boobs" or not, irrelevant I reckon. The fact is all men have some breast tissue and some men get breast cancer. Hopefully one or more of them will pick up on your call for advice, friendship and reassurance. I'm sorry that you no longer have these significant relatives to discuss this with, but I'm sure others here will step forward with warm welcomes and advice. Big hug...Ally.

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    Hi Ally!
    Thanks for the welcome! ive been doing reading around the traps of male breast cancer etc. Ive been adviced to get a decent blood test to hopefully figure out what has caused my body to grow much like this. i do have a question though. did anyone here have a mammogram in your 30s? 
    and periodic pain from time to time? i know ill shoot all these questions again to the doctor, just wondering i guess. 
    my breasts will get rather tender, almost too sensitive to touch sometimes. usually lasts a day or two. and then goes away for a few weeks. 
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    Warm welcome to you as well    Anthony @moose87 ;    Others will definitely hop on board to answer your queries.we're a friendly bunch here and no question is too silly or stupid to ask.  As to mammograms in 30's  I know little on that other than most woman get them once they hit 50 but there is a big push to get checked for those in their 40's now but from what I gather ( I'm sure some one will jump in here if I am wrong ) the earlier you get checked it is harder to to see anything abnormal because of the density of the breast.    Definitely worth talking to your GP about other options such as genetic testing or other types of scans available to you.  Am sorry to hear about the women in your family.  My mother also had BC and then secondary cancer which she passed away from.
    You've come to the right place for support, any advice and a laugh or two with some of the threads in the forum.
    All the best.  
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    Hi again Anthony, I would imagine that you don't have Kleinerfelter's syndrome, as you're not excessively tall. Have you had any chromosome tests in the past? Also have you had a comprehensive hormone set of tests done? If not, perhaps they can be checked out. In the days when I did have boobs, and when I was younger, my breasts would become very tender around the time of ovulation, that is, mid cycle. So for me, as a female, that was hormonal. For your other question, no I never had a mammogram in my thirties, the Great Titty Squashing only happened when I hit 50. Find yourself a good doctor who will take you and your concerns seriously as this entire situation, physical, emotional and societal is evidently of concern to you. I have always been a proponent of following your gut. Your head may say one thing, and your heart another, but your gut is usually very reliable.   Ally.
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    Hahaha not sure if great titty squish makes it sound more or less appealing. Lol. I've squished them together to make cleavage but not the other direction lol. I've just had to Google klienfelters syndrome and I don't thank that's me but I'll hopefully know early next week.. Stay tuned !. Hormones have been... I don't know its a bit tricky I guess to see if what you experience is what others experience or not. I'll be fine for weeks and then just feel blegh. Mixture of lathargic. And sick. I'll be watching a YouTube video on digs walking on grass for the first time... And loose it. Cry my eyes out. And then feel iritaed at myself for letting a video make me cry.. Then angry for making myself irritated. Then frustrated over the whole thing. All within 15 minutes. Meanwhile it feels like somebody is punching me in the abdomen and constipated..throw in the sore boobs.then after a few days...... I feel all good for a few more weeks.. . Suffer in silence with that one for sure :(
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    I know these men are very active in the BC groups either on here or on Facebook etc... 

    one of the groups on Facebook is this

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    hi @moose87
    I had mammograms in my late 20's and 30's due to lumps and bumps etc... it can be painful for a bit afterwards for a few hours or day or 2
    ... But I am more thinking like AllyJay has suggested that you get some testing done, if you haven't already about
    • What levels your hormones are at etc... 
    • How long ago since your Mum and significant other female members have passed away from Breast Cancer their information might give you some helpful clues going forward. 
    • it might help you to see a specialist who can check all those things above and then check for any genes that are common in this area of BC 
    • Is your dad still alive and able to chat with you about this ?  What about Female Cousins from your Aunties, they might be able to shed some light on which type of breast cancer etc. 
    • Was it your mothers Mother (grandmother to you ) that had Breast Cancer ? 
    hope that is not bombarding you with too much information. 

    The Helpline would also be good to call on Monday.... ( I sent you an inbox - with links to things for the forum and how to find breast care nurses etc. it also has the HELPLINE info on it )  BCNA Helpline 1800 500 258

    If you have any questions, concerns or require any further information or support please call 1800 500 258. BCNA’s helpline will now be open from 9am-6pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 5pm Fridays.  

    There is also a Mens BC group on here


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    We are all so different in hapes and sizes. I have 1 son out of 3 who has man boobs. He is overweight yes...but it is different. My husband is overweight and doesn't have man boobs. What we did do though is take him to a GP who listened and did do some testing to check hormone levels etc to ensure that was in balance which it was. My son has developed round shoulders I think from disguising but also as he is very tall and felt conspicuous growing up.

    As to your family history I believe you need to discuss thi risk with GP and request a referral to a breast surgeon who will assess risk factors and advise on tbe appropriate screening etc. They can refer for  gentic testing and can also discuss surgical options if that's what you want also. 

    Ask away if you want more info. Kath x
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    If its not to personal. What did they find with your sons hormones. Did he develop wider hips? Does he have an Adams apple?
    I'll be sure to come back Monday with what I'm told at the doctors. It's a bit of a big step I guess for me seing a doctor especially when I feel okay. Learning to live my boobs is going to take some Time I think. 
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    @moose87 Welcome to BCNA. From what you have related to date you don't appear to have symptoms of breast cancer, rather tender, enlarged breasts, or man boobs, whatever you'd call this condition. But, with a family history of breast cancer you might like to get genetically tested to learn of your risk. Your GP can arrange this. And if your GP has any concern that the might have this disease, you'd be sent off for a mammogram or an ultrasound. 

    As to your inter-gender curiousity, perhaps you could get a referral to a psychologist who would be very helpful to talk through these issues with. Good luck with your enquiries into your breast issues. 

    If you do get diagnosed with breast cancer, join the BCNA male breast cancer forum and you'll get loads of help from men like myself who've been through treatment. 
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    Thanks I should mention I don't think I have breast cancer. I... Have something I'm sure to look the way I do. But I'll discover what that is shortly. More of just wanted to come here and learn and I guess discover a bit about the world after so many of my family seemingly had breast cancer. My mum didn't die of it. But it was a  Ig part of our lives when I was younger. I wasn't aware there was a gene marker for breast cancer. I guess to form what I read breast size doesn't matter for cancer risk ? I was alarmed when I learnt recently about my aunties and grans cancer and then looking down at my watermelons I guess. 
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    His hormone levels were in normal ranges . He is wide hipped but very wide shouldered like his father (also wide hipped) they didn't find anything abnormal so just recommended he lose weight.

    Are you on any medication? Some medication increase hormone levels that can cause breast development and in some cases even a milky discharge.

    My brother on tbe other hand had enlarged breasts as a teenager and was very overweight. He went on to lose allnof it and remained thin all his life but his frame is more narrow shouldered and wider hipped...nit as pronounced as myself, but I think he just inherited our genetic frame. I one son who more like me but got his fsthers shoulders so its not noticeable.

    This article gives brief information about it. I expect you have already done some reading.

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    That's interesting to hear. I'm not on any medication. I have been on anti biotic and things like thst in the past but no medications regularly.  I started to notice I looked different from other guys in late primary school. We had around 20 girls and 10 boys and only had a female teacher as such school swimming lessons at the local pool meant the boys went to the family change room. I got teased pretty bad.ut I guess everyone did. Just in turn. For me it was my.. .. Down there being different looking and having big nipples. In high-school it quickly became the girly boy or boob boy to just plane confusing new staff with my gender. But yeah baggy clothes. Reading a lot about gynecomastia tonight has been interesting. A lot seem to have wide chest and point small breasts. I have narrow chest and rounder breasts. Not sure hmmm now I'm just venting 
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    Hi @moose87 - at 5ft 9inches and 55kg - you are by no means overweight (more like a bean pole) and I think many would associate a guy with man boobs with someone carrying a bit too much weight ... so it could well be a hormonal thing that has caused them and even the recurring tenderness.  As others have mentioned, maybe ask your GP for full hormone and chromosome tests or see an endocrinologist specialist .... and see what other tests may be suggested ...

    Correct ... boob size is irrelevant to BC.  A buddy is a triathlete and has a dead flat chest (no boob) and she also got BC.

    Sorry to hear of the family history .... but good that your Mum wasn’t affected by it. 

    All the best with your research xxx
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