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Hi all, I was diagnosed with TNBC in Jan this year, had long session with chemo then surgery x 2 as got a nasty infection and about to start radiotherapy later this month which I am not looking forward to. And its going to drag into Christmas. I will be glad to see the end of this year. Im emotionally exhausted, physically drained and had to go back to work as I ran out of sick leave. My partner left me during chemo as he couldnt cope. To say this year SUCKED, is an understatement, but Im getting thru it thanks to a lot of people, wonderful people. So thats my vent. Its been a long horrible road, I still dont sleep well....hopefully one day when its all over I will again.  And I know there are people out there far worse off than me. Im one of the lucky ones!


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    WOW! What a year you have had. You sound like a very couragious and strong lady. I hope that once you have finished your treatment you spoil yourself and have a great 2012. As I say it can only get better. Good luck with your radiation. I was nervous when I started radiation but can honestly say it is a dream compared to chemo. Make sure that you keep moisturising as this really helps your skin. I have a great recipe for a cream another lady gave to me if you would like me to send it to you.

    I am also looking forward to the night when I can sleep through without being woken up by those hot flushes.

    good luck and best wishes.

    Renata xox

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    I got on to a cream from a company called MooGoo that has helped me heal from the surgery when I had blistered from all the tapes that were used, it was fantastic so I have been using that and got another one of their creams that they say will be good for the radiation. A friend also recommened Solugel so I will get that as well to have on hand. I am just dreading the tiredness, the fatigue, I dont want more of it!! And I dont want to blister and burn!!

    I would be interested in your cream recipe though, I am willing to try anything to prevent burning and blistering. Though I have been very happy with the MooGoo products and as they are all natural thats a bonus!

    I havent had any hot flushes, I am only just 40, I do wake during the night, just sleeplessness and worry.  More so since I keep thinking that I have TNBC lately and its been bothering more. Will try and push through it and not dwell on it. Harder said than done though.

    Off for my scan next Wednesday, hopefully I can get throught it much better than chemo which was horrid and have most of it done before Christmas, thats my great hope.

    thanks Renata, take care and thanks for the message. Its been one hell of a year!