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PeacefuldovePeacefuldove Member Posts: 6
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Good morning Ladies, 

I am having a left mastectomy and auxiliary node clearance today at the QEH in Adelaide. 

I am just wondering if anyone can give me any tips or advice following surgery for the best way to move forward physically and emotionally. 

How did you cope moving forward emotionally? 

How did you dress, shower, sleep etc? 

Thank you in advance for any information or support you give, I really appreciate it. 

Sorry if it is a sensitive issue to some. . 

Much love, 


  • Giovanna_BCNAGiovanna_BCNA Administrator, Staff, Member, Moderator Posts: 1,553
    Hello @Peacefuldove
    wishing you all the best with your surgery today. 
    @jane84 are you able to assist Peacefuldove?

  • PeacefuldovePeacefuldove Member Posts: 6
    Morning @Giovanna_BCNA
    Thbk you for your message of support. xx 
  • ChristyTChristyT Geelong, VicMember Posts: 8
    Hi @Peacefuldove
    Hope the surgery went well. I was diagnosed at the start of Nov & had surgery 2 weeks later (left mastectomy, immediate reconstruction & axillary clearance)
    A few things I found helpful:

    - buy a few shirts (button up front) they are so much easier to get on and off as you can’t lift your arm for a while

    - buy a few different pillows (u-shaped, log, etc) as you will be sleeping on your back for a while

    - at that stage I still had hair so I visited the hairdresser once a week for a wash as it was too hard to do with one arm

    - go and see a lymphoedema physio sooner rather than later if you think you need it (I didn’t have lymphodema but got cording which I left too long and became severe)

    - ask about rehab and some exercises you can do to regain movement (incy wincy spider up the wall while in the shower is great)

    - I was recommended to rub bio oil on after a few weeks to help with scarring

    Take what advice resonates with you and chuck the rest out. Hope it helps in some way.
  • PeacefuldovePeacefuldove Member Posts: 6
    @ChristyT thank you so much for your feedback. I haven’t got Lymphoedema at this stage and hope that I don’t get it. I just have continuous pain/numbness/heat down my arm, across my chest and ribs. I have trouble sleeping due to having to sleep on my back. I have the exercises that I am doing but I am finding that I have loss of range of movement still but hopefully it will recover in time. 
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