Breast pain twenty months later

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I woke last night from pain in my breast where I had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy 20 months ago. Breast looks okay, no warmth or redness. It feels bruised, and achy. Any ideas?


  • arpie
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    Gosh, @Bravo - that'll be a bit worrying!!  Is it still sore now?

    Have you looked in front of a mirror with your arms straight up? Out to the side?  Bending down & looking at the 'general' shape of your boob (or both of them?)  

    Have you spotted any change in shape, anywhere?  

    Maybe have a chat with your GP and/or Breast Care Nurse, or make contact with your surgeon as well?  Definitely worth getting checked out, I reckon.

    How long since you've had a MG or ultrasound? Maybe ask for a referral from your GP as a precaution?

    Take care xx

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    I guess it may have scar tissue but talk it over with your GP and or breast care nurse. If ongoing should probably  talk with your breast surgeon. 
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    I had my lumpectomy 6yrs ago and still wake up with pain occasionally and that's what it feels like, Ive put it down to lying at odd angles while I'm asleep but if you're worried ask your gp.
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    Thanks for your replies. I did contact my breastcare nurse who suggested it was probably the lymphodema getting trapped because of my sleep posture, and pushing onto my breast. She said that it should resolve itself during the day (which it did). Otherwise I would have gone to my GP.
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    Perhaps consider going for a lymphatic drainage massage as the lymphatic system is busy trying to find new pathways.  I am 3 plus years down the track and still need the massage as it gets trapped around where the original drain was and in the sternum.  It is a worthwhile thing to do
    Take care