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Media opportunity in Perth and Sydney regarding out of pocket costs...

Giovanna_BCNAGiovanna_BCNA Member Posts: 1,839
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Hello everyone,

I have been asked to reach out to our online network community to see if anyone may be interested in a media opportunity regarding out of pocket costs.

We are seeking someone from Perth and Sydney, who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer (not too far post diagnosis),  who has experienced out of pocket costs and the need to be told about these out of pocket costs before treatment.

There will be an announcement made this week regarding this issue.  We are seeking some personal stories and experiences.  According to our Media Manager, Kellie Curtain, there is an opportunity for an interview for TV and radio later this week.  

If you are interested can you please email Kellie asap via

[email protected]

Thanking you




  • MjhekeMjheke ACTMember Posts: 78
    Unfortunately I don’t live in either place, but it would be good to let people know. I was diagnosed almost 3 weeks ago and we are already in the thousands for out of pocket costs. I had to have a large seroma drained yesterday at a cost of $350. Another unexpected and expensive cost. I’m not sure how people get on if you don’t have savings. For us it means definitely a change in lifestyle and the fact that I haven’t been able to return to work as early as expected also puts more pressure oh financially. 

  • Giovanna_BCNAGiovanna_BCNA Member Posts: 1,839
    Hello @Mjheke
    Sorry to hear that you have needed to have a seroma drained recently and that you have the added financial pressure.  Its stressful enough being diagnosed with breast cancer and financial pressures can certainly add another layer of stress.  BCNA is very aware of the financial pressures of having a breast cancer diagnosis.  I have attached a link below to some information below that you may find helpful
    Dont hesitate to call our helpline on 1800 500 258 if you would like to speak with a cancer nurse for further information.
  • Giovanna_BCNAGiovanna_BCNA Member Posts: 1,839
    Hello everyone,
    This media opportunity is now closed.  Thank you to all who replied.
  • MjhekeMjheke ACTMember Posts: 78
    Thanks @Giovanna_BCNA for the link  :):):):)
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