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3 or 6 months chemo

tdonelly2000tdonelly2000 Windsor NSWMember Posts: 8
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I went for my 1st oncology appointment and was discussed for me to do 6 mths on AC - T but i dont want to do 6 mths i want to do 3 mths. Her reason was that if i dont handle it very well theres more room to change it than if i were to do 3 mths as i would be on different stuff and there isnt much wiggle room to change it. Do i have to do the 6mths or can i still opt for the 3. I know the 3 mths is going to be harsher but i still want to opt for that. Just not sure what to do.


  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 4,938
    I think the best thing is to listen to what your team says.  No-one knows how they're are going to deal with it until they're there.  I found the standard 6 month AC-T a struggle to get through and I can't imagine coping with a harsher treatment, but others sail through it.  It sounds like your onc wants you to have the wriggle room for a reason, but ultimately it's your choice.
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 5,407
    I know 3 months sounds easier but it is a poison and the risks are higher all at once.  If you become too ill they might need to stop and not complete. The schedules are designed for a reason and after many trials. Trust the advice of your team. Dose dense will probably mean a longer recovery at the end. 
  • tdonelly2000tdonelly2000 Windsor NSWMember Posts: 8
    Thankyou for your thoughts i will talk to my oncologist again and see what happens.
  • kezmusckezmusc Member Posts: 1,540
    Hi @tdonelly2000,

    Best be guided by your oncologist.  When I had my first appointment  I was told I had two options as well.  She basically told me the 3 month version is much much harsher and the only people who ever really go with it are normally hindered by distance so they opt for the shorter one purely for logistics. 

    AC is a bit average to say the least but manageable.  I had very few side effects with the Taxol. I drove there, had it done, drove home and continued on.  No downtime on it at all.
    6 months seems like such a long time when you are starting out but it really does pass a lot faster than what you expect.

    All the best
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