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hi ladies,
i was diagnosed with stage 3 estrogen positive BC Three and a half years ago. Whilst I was finishup up my treatment, my thyroid stopped working and I was then diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.
then after all that I was diagnosed with the BRCA 2 gene so after having a double mastectomy, I then had a preventative total hysterectomy and oopherectomy and take an estrogen blocker for 10 years so I really dont feel very female anymore :(
All of this happened in my 30’s and my weight has really suffered for it, as a result I have very bad self esteem and it also does not help my husband cheated on me with two of my friends after I was diagnosed, we have a little son so I’ve stayed - it’s a daily battle for me though.
My metabolism is non exisitant and so I am hoping to find other women with the same make up of ‘issues’ as me (hopefully without the infidelity) to see how they are managing.

is there anyone out there with:
1). estrogen positive breast cancer
2). that’s had a total hysterectomy,
3). that has hashis
4). is on an estrogen blocker?

praying there is.....


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    Hi I have had an under-active thyroid for years and take thyroxin, had oestrogen positive BC, had a total hysterectomy to put me into surgical menopause, was on tamoxifen the moved onto an AI - first Anastrazole then when couldn't tolerate side-effects just switched to exemestane and my metabolism seems to be totally stuffed. I used to be someone who could eat what they liked and didn't really gain much weight, but since this treatment I'm 12kg heavier than I was before all this and I just cant' seem to lose weight no matter how active I am. I have a strong family history of BC so at high risk of having again so I'm about to have a double mastectomy and autologous recon and so will be sedentary for a while so fear I'll get bigger still. I understand where you are coming from - I don't feel or look like me anymore . In terms of what helps I find doing some exercise I like - in my case swimming in the ocean - helps lift my mood and make me feel better about my body. 
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