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Hi  members just wondering who has thryroid proplems mine are very low  .ive finished all treatment but im on daily tablets Exestemme and monthly injections Zoladex thanks 


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    Hey Barney74. My thyroid is underperforming, Hashimoto's Disease. I take 100mg of thyroxine daily. I was diagnosed after my second child was born. It's often triggered by pregnancy. What has the doctor got you on to manage it? How often are you getting your levels checked?
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    Hi @kmakm i have to have a scan which im doin 6th August then depending on results i will have to see Specialist. 
    Chemo finished Dec 2017 and Rads Feb 2018 i had thus tested twice and both wete low 
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    You should see an endocrinologist if there are problems with your thyoid. I suggest asking your GP about it and getting a referral. K xox
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    Ask your GP on your next visit if you can have a blood test for your thyroid?  
    Has he put you on meds for it or is he just keeping an eye on it?
    Mine was way out of kilter and has taken quite a bit of adjusting to come up with the correct dosage through my GP.  
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    My dosage is 150 thyroxine daily.  As to Zoladex - how far along are you?  Mine were alternate sides of the abdomen and I always found the left side gave me symptoms like a period was due - that's all behind me now and I am sure you are counting down to your last as well as
    Take care
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    Hi ladies,
    I have had thyroid problems since it was first diagnosed at age 21 {back in the stone age}, I did have a bad bout of glandular fever when I was 14, then much later in life after removal of thyroid gland as it was way way too high,I was on 75 mg of thyroxine, then I had a 4 years of chronic fatigue, all of this time I have been under the care of a specialist endocrinologist, I now take tertroxin as well as the thyroxine, I have blood tests regularly as the chemo medication does tend to upset my levels a bit, its quite a complicated thing but I have grown used to living with it, I believe there are several ladies here who have had thyroid problems, there was an article in the body and soul magazine last sunday in the paper about a woman who had a similar expereince, glandular fever, chronic fatigue, then cancer, {of the thyroid gland} is it just a coincidence, who would know, its just another one of those mysteries of life!!!, thyroid problems have a tendency to show up in women more than men and it seems to happen around the 40/50 age group, I do believe that a lot of people may have this problem but the symptoms are sometimes so vague unless you have a specific blood test you just dont know whats going on.

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    It's a common condition in ladies particularly if over 50. I on the other hand am hyperthyroid. So I still take a pill but it is to suppress mine. 
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    Hi ladies thank you ive had my blood test thats how i know thryroid is low just waiting for my scan 6th August then back to Doctor's for results. 
    Finished all my treatment chemo ,radiation in January. 
    Started medication in February  Exestemme and Zoladex. 
    Haven't had my period since October (yah ) im only 43 and started to go thru early menopause due to my breast cancer hence why these medications.
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    Good morning,
    I am also Hyper though feeling fairly controlled at this moment with 2 tablets daily.  I was only diagnosed late last year, within 6 months of BC diagnoses.  My specialist who i see every 6 months at Royal Melb hospital believes mine was triggered from the ct scan last may.  Who knows though, had no prior family history.  
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    @DearB i only just got this maybe thru my medications im on gaving BC who knows but i do have family history off this .but no family history of BC im only female in my family to have this maybe way down the line there might og been another member
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    Hmmmm .... my BC Specialist Surgeon ALSO specialises in Thyroid Surgery!!   Am I noticing a pattern here?   The lady next to me in the hospital had just had thyroid surgery!!    

    I don't know if my levels have ever been checked!!  Might add it to the list for the next blood test!

    All the best for your tests, @Barney74

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    It is now 6 years since my surgery/chemo/rads, and during this time I blamed chemo for quite a few after-effects - loss of energy, loss of concentration, aching bones, sleep problems, worsening memory.  My GP sent me to an Endocrinologist and scans showed an adenoma (small tumour) on a parathyroid gland behind the thyroid. After having surgery and 2 glands removed, all the above have gone!! Literally overnight!  No more aches, pains or fuzzies - I feel as though a veil has been lifted!  I will bless the day I met my Endocrinologist.  Who'd have thought?
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    Wow @Michelle_R that's brilliant!
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    You have to wonder if the radiation we have might affect our thyroid.