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Areola tattooing Brisbane

DelosDelos Member Posts: 21
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I am looking for recommendations for Areola tattooing
 in the Brisbane-Gold Coast area.
(I did not like the reviews online for the tattooer my plastic surgeon suggested). 



  • DelosDelos Member Posts: 21
    I have had a nipple reconstruction at the Mater Hospital.
    Very happy.
    Have ellected to go to a local tattoo artist for the areola in three months time. 
    They have no medicare rebate, but i prefer them to the cosmetic clinic the hospital refered me to.
    Sometimes you just gotta follow that gut feeling.
    So far, very happy with my choice...(tho its only been two weeks and i am still healing and swollen )
  • DelosDelos Member Posts: 21
    Got the areola tattoos yesterday at Tailor Made Tattoo in South Brisbane, by Peta. So very very pleased with the result. The price was reasonable. The studio was very clean and felt comfortable to be there, Peta was amazing, respectful to the situation and a very talented artist. I feel i have completely reclaimed my body back. Fully recommend the tram flap (tho painful and slow recovery time), + nipple reconstruction  and then areola 3D tattooing.
    All worth the effort. :-) 
  • VallerinaVallerina Member Posts: 183
    Hi Delos.what a great feeling to be at the 'end' of the recon process ( I loved your drawing by the way). I had my mx and recon in 2017 and  nipple and tattoo last year. I went to a cosmetic clinic in Brisbane for the tattooo and it was the worst part of the whole process. She didnt give me a gown and i felt very vulnerable and exposed. I kicked my own partner out of the room yet she wanted me to allow students to observe. She didnt give enough local anaesthetic and it was extremely painful. As i still had my own skin and it has a lot of feeling. I had my legs clamped hands clenched and grim face. I told her it hurt and she didnt seem to care and didnt stop. She didnt put any shading its just a pink circle whereas my other  real nipple is more oval. And i had to pay. But it looks ok i guess and did make a big difference to my happiness in the end. My nipple recon was very nicely done by my wonderful ps but went flat despite me keeping the padding around it for months. Sounds like you made a good choice I am writing down Petas info thinking I might go there when i need topup. 2 questions. Did she use permanent ink? And did she offer local anaesthetic or can only doctors do that??
    Cheers. Onward and upward now.
  • DelosDelos Member Posts: 21
    Vallerina i am so sorry this was your experience.  Sounds like the company you went to was more interested in themselves than helping your recovery process. How awful.    Yes Peta used permanent ink. She had a free consult with me prior to the appointment to discuss options and ask exactly what i wanted. She had another discussion with me immediately before the tattoos to confirm my options/wants. She offered numbing before we stated. She constantly asked me how i was feeling/pain levels during. She was happy to do whatever shape i wanted. And i get a free follow up(in a few weeks), to touch up, or to add more 3D affect as i desire. It cost me $400 all up for both breasts. 
    I was in a private room, door closed, and she made sure i put a blanket over myself if she left the room. 
    Sorry your nipple flattened, i think they can add filler if this happens? Ask your PS about options. 
    Hope you are feeling better. 
  • VallerinaVallerina Member Posts: 183
    Thanks. Im fine , really great actually it was ages ago last year one good thing about having a crap memory I forget a lot. But when u mentioned cosmetic clinic in Brisbane it brought it all back. Ugh!! I will get permanent ink if theres a next time needed.
    So glad its going so well for you. Still very glad that i had the recon its a great outcome over all. X
  • DelosDelos Member Posts: 21
    In honour of you all,  and the fear of the unknown,  i have decided to share a photo. 
    I found not seeing what a (double)  tram flap reconstruction, nipple reconstruction or tattooed areolas would look like before my procedures,  was extremely stressful.  So i share this with you all.. . 
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,974
    Beautiful  <3
  • MumofAshMumofAsh Sunshine CoastMember Posts: 5
    That looks great - barely noticeable.  
    I'm feeling so hopeful right now - even tho I dont know what type of incision I might have. Thanks for sharing x
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,974
    Welcome @MumofAsh. A forum you'd prefer not to have to join I know, but I hope you find it as warm and as helpful as I have. K xox
  • DelosDelos Member Posts: 21
    My thoughts are with you, i hope it all goes well.  X
    Mine was an immediate reconstruction, which , i think, is why my incisions were that shape.
  • BrunajhBrunajh Member Posts: 3
    Delos said:
    In honour of you all,  and the fear of the unknown,  i have decided to share a photo. 
    I found not seeing what a (double)  tram flap reconstruction, nipple reconstruction or tattooed areolas would look like before my procedures,  was extremely stressful.  So i share this with you all.. . 

  • BrunajhBrunajh Member Posts: 3
    Hi! I’m fresh out of a lumpectomy and looking now at a double mastectomy. Im still raw and scared and don’t know how to feel. This has given me so much hope. Thank you for sharing. Did you have your surgery in Brisbane? Could you share with me who you saw? It looks like a brilliant job ❤️
  • DelosDelos Member Posts: 21
    Brunajh, so sorry to hear of your diagnosis and op. It's a rough ride, but hang in there. 
    I had my tram flap reconstruction( boobs & nipples) by Justin Perron, via the Mater Hospital. And the areolas tattooed by Peta at Tailer Made Tattoo, just around the corner from the hospital. The reconstructions were free, but I paid for the tattoos. But you can get the tattoos free from certain clinics.
    I am extremely happy with the results. They all softened over time and feel & look very natural.
    The tram flap was painful recovery, but worth it. 
    I also did a 'survivors' course at the YMCA which I also recommend.
    Love n strength to you. 
  • DelosDelos Member Posts: 21
    PS the double mastectomy was Dr Lambley
    Also at the Mater in Brisbane. A lovely man. 
    I had the mastectomy and reconstruction on the same day( a week in hospital).
    The nipples n areolas a few months later.
    I opted to only have a local for the nipples reconstruction, and was home 2hrs later. 
  • Julez1958Julez1958 SydneyMember Posts: 467
    Hi @Delos that is a great result!
    I am in Sydney and stil deciding whether to have nipple reconstruction or just  3D tattoos  - agree that something g would be good to “close the chapter”.

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