Fat grafting for simpler reconstruction

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Hi there
Has anyone undergone fat grafting (autologous fat transfer) for a whole breast reconstruction - if so, were you happy with the results and any side effects...?
I've been advised it's seen as a relatively new procedure in Australia still and not recognised by Medicare - a working committee is currently looking at assigning the procedure a new Medicare Item number. Once this happens, the private insurers will then recognise it and pay out on the surgery as reconstructive.  They won't pay for anything now.
If someone has already gone through this process, and has found a way for their insurer to recognise the procedure would love to hear your thoughts.
Cheers, Lana


  • nikovnikov Melbourne, VICMember Posts: 81
    Hi Lana,

    I had fat grafting in my right breast (affected breast) and recovery was quite painful (I don't know how people can do this just for the sake of it) and was quite bruised afterwards. My Plastic Surgeon is the one who recommended it and haven't had to pay any out of pocket expenses so unfortunately I'm unsure how to go about it through Private Health as I went all public.

    Good luck!

  • VangirlVangirl Melbourne CBDMember Posts: 302
    Is this the same thing as DIEP flap? I'm having that in the public system at no cost to me.
  • nikovnikov Melbourne, VICMember Posts: 81
    Hi @Vangirl sorry for the delayed reply and no it's not. Just think of this as fat transfer. Some women go from tummy or legs to butt sometimes even breast. This is pretty much that, fat from the abdomen and into the breast to soften the muscle around the expander. I've been told with the fat grafting around the expander/implant the blood flow will help your body accept the foreign object and look a little more naturally + feel a little more naturally.
  • VangirlVangirl Melbourne CBDMember Posts: 302
    @nikov, thanks, now I get it. 
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