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who is our Uke players please 


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    @Pink think your response maybe stronger if your response is rebadged Hormone Therapy and will ask moderators to help do this . @Giovanna_BCNA @Marianne_BCNA can you help locate this under a new heading eg Hormone Therapy so that members are more likely to see it ?
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    PS @arpie is our uke player extraordinaire/virtuoso
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    Thank you
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    Hi @SoldierCrab

    yep, guilty as charged!  LOL.  I lead my local uke group and tomorrow will give 10 of our friends their first ever uke session ..... easy songs with either 1 or 2 chords!!

    Have you got a song for me?   (I will be doing I am Woman with our group some time soon!  ;)

    How can I help?
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    @ arpie could the lyrics be tweaked a little to be about both genders ? I am human ??? Eg It’s a great anthem for anybody struggling in life even though it’s origin lies in the women’s movement. 
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    Arpie my friend posted on facebook this morning.....   these few video photos wondering if you can see it....
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    Absolutely, any song can be tweaked, @Romla.  We’ve done that to a number of songs already, either making them into a ‘uke’ song (we did that to Delilah to remove the domestic violence content) and turned others into Forster songs (This Land is Your Land now has heaps of local content in it now...)

    @SoldierCrab ... that is drop dead GORGEOUS!   I was hoping to see the uke player doing a duet with him!  What a fantastic idea ..... get anyone with any instruments jamming in the beach!   I LOVE IT!!
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 3,002
    There are so many ukes out there @kmakm - those look like they have really been 'tarted' up that would have added to their cost!!  They are gorgeous!

    None of mine look that swish!!

  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 3,002
    Woohoo!  Well done, @Blossom1961 Good on you for giving it a go!  Whilst it is one of the 'easiest instruments' to learn (4 strings, 4 fingers!) as you progress to the harder chords, it CAN be a bit challenging -  just go slowly at the start and concentrate on the pressure on the strings, so that each note sounds 'crisp'!  If they sound like a 'thud' or 'dull' - you may need to use a tad more pressure.

    Initially, just Play the 'C' chord whenever you see it on the song sheet.  You can 'tap the uke' whilst waiting for the next 'C' chord to appear ......then as you are more comfy, add the other chords as you learn them.  

    See if there is a beginners group  you can start off with initially (within the group) -  but then again, if you love one particular song - just give it a go!! I pretty well started off with Iz's Somewhere/Wonderful World!! (A tricky one!)  It forced me to learn the more difficult chords tho!  ;)  

    Start off with C, Am, F & G7 ..... check out my Beginners Tips below - on the last 2-3 pages, I describe 'how to' change from one chord to the other  in the most efficient & easy way!!  Page 4, 4th one down is the C, Am, F & G7 sequence ..... all the 'Doo Wop' songs & a heap of rock & roll songs use this set of chords.  

    Keep your left hand fingernails SHORT and it makes forming the chords much easier.  Don't worry too much about the strumming - just doing 'down stroke' in time with the music is good enough.  Fancier strumming comes with practise & confidence.   You are reading, singing, strumming & listening all at the same time & it can be tricky initially!

    DON'T GIVE UP!!  How long have you got the uke for?

    Let me know if you want a particular song - I have thousands saved to my computer!  I'll find an easy one for you!   :)  Have FUN!! 
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    Thanks @arpie I have the uke for as long as I want. My BIL has three of them but plays the guitar which he has about five of. 
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    She did it to me, too!  But it is fun and it does get the memory exercised a bit (try Vance Joy's Riptide - Am, G, C)
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    Oh dear - it DOES become a bit addictive - and each use sounds totally different depending on the types of wood used etc.  

    Including 3-4 'student ukes' (so they can try different brands and sizes) I have about 12!!  They call it Uke Acquisition Syndrome (UAS for short!)

    GO @Sister - did I give you the Beginners Tips too?  If not, check 'em out!!  @kezmusc too!

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