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My primary breast cancer 7 years ago was oestrogen + progesterone + and her2 -
My metastases when found a year ago was TN
My confusion is this: when I look for information on treatment and life expectancy on MTNBC all of the info I find is for BC that was TN to begin with whereas mine has changed.
Most of what I have read says my life expectancy is 18 months which is crazy
Is there anyone out there who have a similar situation to mine or with MTNBC who has well and truly lived beyond the '18 months'?


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    Can't help, Tennille. Just sending best wishes ( not a hugger) mxx
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    Hi @Tennille. I have metastatic breast cancer too. Mine ie ER positive though. I was first diagnosed with bc in late 2012. They suspected that it had metastasized then, but I wasn't officially diagnosed with MBC until early 2016. I'm still here & intend to be around for many more years. I do not go searching life expectancy on Google etc. A lot of the information is old & unreliable! 

    Best wishes
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    Hi there love are you sure it’s not a completely separate tumor ? Where did they find it? If it was in the same boob or the other boob thst would be called a recurrence wouldn’t it ?  I had TNBC 2 years ago stage 2a grade 3 (3cm tumor) no lymph nodes involved and scans all clear 8 rounds of chemo and a double mastectomy and I’m fine still. Perhaps @SoldierCrab can advise here she’s the mothership of TNBC.  Are you taking any medication now ? Don’t google anything love most of its shit. I’d only speak to your oncol and gp about it not dr google. Biggest hug. Margie xx 
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    Isn't metastases when it's found somewhere else in the body? I only ask as I've had a recurrence in the same spot, same boob after clear margins of a lumpectomy, radiation and tamoxifen of 4yrs. I did chemo I am ER+ and since 2015 am still on 6 month Oncology visits :/ I had a single mastectomy as prevention a year after chemo, BUT my Oncologist said he's not looking or waiting for Breast Cancer, he now keeps an eye for metastatic. So was odd to hear him say he wasn't waiting to see if I had another recurrence in the Breast. Mind you I thought ummm so why did I have a mastectomy then? thank goodness I have a sense of humor now :)@Tenille sorry I can't be of help, I do know each diagnosis can be completely different though. Interested to hear anyone who help here? xx M
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    Its not a new primary as the metastases to bones and liver came before the tumours in my remaining left breast. Dont worry I am an RN so dont 'Dr Google' I only take notice of 'Peer Reviewed ' academic research but sometimes you need to wade through the garbage to find it.
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    Hi Tennille the ....us site breast cancer .org  has a group of women outling their current therapies for your type of  tn mbc
    All the best Bright 
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    Hi Tennile, so sorry you are in this position.I know bc can mutate to another type.My friend had TNBC removed and a few years later it came back in the same breast as Er+. They said it had mutated. TN responds well to chemo so would that be the case with metastatic TN too? I know there is more research going on with TN so perhaps there’s a clinical trial? I hope your oncologist can give you a positive plan.
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    Hello @Tennille sending you a private message