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New Drug

SmileyfrogSmileyfrog Member Posts: 14
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A bit of a long shot, but thought I would ask. 
I finished my last herceptin a month ago. My oncologist just called today offering a new drug made avaiable in tablet form. This is to be taken for 12 months. Suppose to improve chance of recurrence over the next 5 years by 5% in most cases. He said could even be more for me as I had one hell of  a tumour. 
This drug also comes with a price $24000 and size effects.  
I didnt ask what it was called but I wish I had of. Might check in with my breast care nurse tomorrow. 
Does this info sound familiar to anyone? 
I already forked out $10000 to pay for Perjeta as part of my treatment plan. So more money is really out of the question. I just had my first lot of scans early this year and they came back all good. 


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