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PahillPahill Member Posts: 40
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Hello I am in Hobart Tasmania. I am 50 years old in the last week I have gad a Mammogram a Ultrasound and Core Needle Biopsy. They have found several cysts which are just that cysts but a few that are different. One of those they took 3 samples out of quite an uncomfortable experience I now have to wait until Tuesday for the results. I am so nervous i do have a fairly strong family history from both mum and dad side...I quess i am here for someone to talk to about what could happen next. Hope its ok to do that. Cheers 


  • onemargieonemargie queenslandMember Posts: 1,260
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    Hi there Pahill. Of course you can voice your concerns on here. The waiting time is the worst isn’t it. Whatever it is we are all here for you. Have you had the genetic test?  If you have a history on both sides this might be an option for you. Unfortunately you will have to wait and see what the results are sucks it’s a long weekend and you have to wait.

    We all know how that feels. Stay positive love it might be nothing but either way you can always come on here for support. I suggest you just wait and see what the results are first as depending on what they are will vary with what happens next. Don’t think to far ahead and don’t google anything as results and trestment and surgery all vary so much for everyone. And like I said it might just be benign too even with your family history. Try and enjoy your easter weekend. Biggest hug. Margie. Xx
  • steplightlysteplightly Gold CoastMember Posts: 185
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    Hi Pahill, Similar for me. Mammogram found cyst and had it aspirated then under ultrasound found my tumour. Small one and early stage. Core biopsy done and 1 week later results. Then more core biopsy and another wait.  The wait is incredibly challenging and the mind games come.  Have you been told about a local breast care nurse and been told about the free BCNA Kit? It has heaps of information that is really useful.  We are here in the waiting game with you. You will find a lot of support and advice through this site.  Early days and take it a step at a time.  Take care.
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    Hi Pahill. The waiting is REALLY hard. It’s difficult to stay optimistic and not assume the worst. We’ll hold thumbs for you that it’s all benign and that nothing more needs to be done. If it turns out to be a breast cancer of some sort, remember that the vast majority of breast cancers are very treatable with an excellent prognosis. Living in Australia you have access to world class care. In terms of what happens next, if the biopsy result is not benign, you will be referred to a breast surgeon and he/ she will take it from there. Most people end up having some sort of surgery within a month of this. Treatment from then on is extremely variable, depending on the type of tumour etc. Try not to think too far ahead. It will do your head in. Just stay in the moment and try to only think of the next step. Many biopsy results come back as normal so try not to panic. Easier said than done! 
  • PahillPahill Member Posts: 40
    Thank you for replying. Yes waiting is difficult to do. Do any of you have family history? I am worried about it as the C word was mentioned by the doctor taking the samples she just said it could be. She also mentioned fibroadenoma which I have read a bit about it slightly increases the risk of cancer later on..My breast are so small due to a lot of weight loss they are not my biggest assest so taking them off looks good to me at this stage even if its ok this time. The worry and anxiety is dreadful. Has anyone done a preventative Mastectomy?  Please tell me if I am asking to many questions. Cheers
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 4,219
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    Oh Pahill it's great that you've found this forum and website as there's oodles of experience and advice to be had.

    The whole experience prior to diagnosis sends shudders through the body.

    Here's hoping your results are benign! It always seems harder when a long weekend is involved. 

    Deep breath and hopefully you've got a hobby or a movie to watch to take your mind off the waiting.

    Take care 
  • jennyssjennyss Western NSWMember Posts: 868
    Ditto to all the above messages and best wishes from jennyss in Western NSW
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,930
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    @Pahill My tumour was picked up early on a routine mammogram (and yes, I have a terrible family history). Because of my experience my best friend had a mammogram & got a call back which she attended the day before yesterday. She asked me about the statistics of biopsies. 30 - 40% come back with cancer. That's 60 - 70% that come back as benign. Yesterday my friend was told her two lumps were benign. You don't know yet which category you're in so try not to panic. Easy to say but harder to do eh?! We've all been there, take it one hour to the next.

    If it is cancer, your next step will be to go to your GP to get a referral to a breast surgeon. The start of treatment is such a whirl but don't be rushed if you don't want to. Some of what happens will depend on whether you're a private or public patient. Take your time, take some deep breaths, ask lots of questions so you're clear about your options.

    This forum is an incredible resource. There's no such thing as too many questions. Ask away! Hang in there.
  • PahillPahill Member Posts: 40
    Thank you. Yes I am a public patient so I quess take it easy until I get the results. Very hard not to think about it. I have spoken with my husband and he supports anything i do. If the news is good thats great but i have been going every 12 month's for check ups as I gave alot of lumps most are cysts..I choice to have my extremely small breats removed even if all ok i am not taking lightly as we have had 4 children all grown up now and living their own lives we are ready to do something for us and enjoy the rest of our lives. So preventative Mastectomy is something I would consider to eleminate my risk....Cheers 
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,930
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    @Pahill I am having a preventative bi-lateral mastectomy on the 27th April. Click on my @ name and you can read my story.
  • PahillPahill Member Posts: 40
    Thanks kmarkm i read your story thank you for allowing me to. I wish you all the best. I haven't even been diagnosed yet and I am scared I can only imagine what you must be going through. Thank you for your kindness 
  • PahillPahill Member Posts: 40
    Sorry me again did any of you loose alot of weight before being dignosised..
  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 3,277
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    hi Pahill, 

    I can see from replies above that ladies have shared with you some of their experiences etc. 

    Below are a couple of links to help you find your way around the forum and also how to find a breast care nurse and how to order a MY journey Kit if you haven't got one yet. 

    It can be a a whirlwind when we first get a diagnosed.... Breathe and take it one step at a time. 

    The what and how thread.


    Breast Care Nurses


    My Journey Kits and other resources. 


    BCNA Helpline 1800 500 258

    If you have any questions, concerns or require any further information or support please call 1800 500 258.  The Helpline is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am till 5 pm EST and Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am till 9 pm EST.


  • PahillPahill Member Posts: 40
    Could someone please explain family history to me please that puts you atvan increased risk. Thank you 
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 3,070
    I can feel your anxiety and I imagine every person on this site knows what it's like to wait and wonder. But we also know from experience that cancer is a highly variable thing and it is often not helpful to make comparisons with other people or other symptoms. I made the common mistake of googling my symptoms (I didn't find a lump) and scared myself with possibilities that never happened.  When you get your results, and IF there is a malignancy, you will be assisted to know who to see and what your treatment options will be. A family history of cancer may be a factor, but it may also not be a significant one. The links that the very helpful @soldiercrab has provided will help your preparation, but waiting until Tuesday is unfortunately what has to be done right now. As others have suggested, you need as much distraction as possible till then. Here's hoping for good news. 
  • onemargieonemargie queenslandMember Posts: 1,260
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    Hi there @Pahill.  I was diagnosed may 2016 with triple negative breast cancer stage 2a grade 3 left boob tumor was initially found “3 o’clock left breast”  aged 43 I had yearly. mammograms since aged 40 as I had itty bitty titties too (14b) and lumpy cysty boobs. In jan 2015 I had a mammogram and had a biopsy on the left boob and it came back benign but it came back as “a fibroadenanoma 3 o’clock left breast”.

    It also said I could go 2 yearly. So the tumor was found hiding behind the fibroadenonoma and I never felt any difference from the previous year. It was my hubbys insistence that I had that mammogram in April 2016. And thank god he did.   In hindsight I found out dense breasts can increase your risk as can a fibroadenoma even though it’s benign. I asked to take it out but was told it was harmless so I didn’t. 

    I didn’t have any family history and I was negative for the gene. My scans were all clear and I had no lymph node involvement. I had 8 rounds of chemo and took the left boob off so I only had to have chemo and not radiation as well then took the other boob off after my chemo as a preventative. No regrets from me at all I was told it wasn’t medically necessary to have the mastectomies but my strong gut instinct told me to do it. And like I said I’m so glad I did 

    plenty of other lovelies will tell you their story and many have kept their boobs or just taken one off or both off like me. I have a 21 year old daughter and she is at increased risk but not high risk as I was negative for the gene so she will start her scans sooner rather than later. 

    If all your results come back ok but you still feel like you’ve dodged a bullet And want to get a double mastectomy as a preventative as that’s what your guts is telling you to do then trust that instinct but before you make that decision make sure you get all the advice you can as it’s a big decision to make and you have to do what you feel is best for you love. Please let us know how you go Tuesday. And try not to stress too much until then. I know thats  easier said then done but your results may very well come back negative too. Also no weight loss for me love Hope this helps Biggest hug. Margie xx 
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