Navigating the minefield

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I fall outside the norm. I live in a motorhome with no fixed abode.
I had a GP in Maclean, first mammogram in Coffs Harbour, biopsy at Sydney Breast Clinic, 2 x surgery at Lifehouse, scan and drain at Goulburn then referred to Canberra for radiation.
I chose Canberra because they have accom attached to the hospital and caravan parks in the city as a back-up.
After reorganising my life to stay put for 2 months, I've just been told that the waiting list for Canberra radiation is 6-8 weeks so they have shunted me back to Sydney.
Does anyone know which hospitals have accom attached to them as there are no caravan parks in the city.
Has anyone stayed in the accom? What's it like? (the rooms in Canberra looked like cells). 


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