Reclaim Your Curves Breast Reconstruction Support Group Lunch

Leone88Leone88 Member Posts: 113
Hi Perth ladies - our first support lunch for 2018 is Sat 24th February at 12:30pm - The Herdsman Lake Tavern (also known as The Herdy) Herdsman Parade Wembley. This is a great way to hear first hand about reconstruction- the good and the bad. We also discuss physio, tattooing and exercise. We buy our own lunch/drinks and then just sit back and share our experiences and advice. Please RSVP through our website in the events section.
We welcome all ladies - who have finished their reconstruction, those who are going through the process and those who have just started to research the different options. Looking forward to meeting you - Leone. 


  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 2,385
    hi @Leone88
    it might be worth reposting this with Perth at the beginning of the heading then Perth ladies will realise it is for them. just a thought 
    soldier crab

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