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Hi everyone.......just wondering if anyone has gone through this procedure. Radiation has caused the breast tissue to harden and it has caused the flap to die. I had conserving surgery done. I'm having the lippofill surgery in June and then another surgery 6mths later.
If anyone has had this procedure done, were you happy with it?


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    hi @Angel61
    this link will take you to the reconstruction group .... 
    you might get more answers there .... 
    thought you ladies might be able to help here. 
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    Sorry @SoldierCrab I've got no expertise in this area ;)
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    There is excellent information within the link above 

    Happy reading and good luck!
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    @nikkid sorry tagged wrong Nikki my fault 
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    No probs ;)
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    Thank you ladies...i will have a look there.
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    Hi Ange161
    I had lipo done on my radiated side and found it fantastic. I’ve not been able to have any reconstruction but had a large dip between 2 of my ribs. I was really self conscious about it as it was always obvious especially if I was wearing dresses or t.shirts. The lipo not only filled the dip nicely but it also soften the scarring of the whole area and has built it up a little. I’m planning to have more in the coming months just to even out some other problem areas. I had no real,pain to speak of and was not out of action for more than a couple of days. I hope you have a similar outcome with your procedure and please feel free to message me if you would like to ask any other questions.
    Good Luck
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    Thank you Polly Rose for your feed back. I feel a bit better about the procedure now. I'm having the fat taken from my abdomen and my Dr said I will be very bruised. The radiation sure does knock the tissue around. I am having a lot of discomfort in the breast with the hardening of the I feel better with you saying that your scarring. Thank you again  :) <3
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    Sorry...didn't finish my last sentence lol......"your scarring softened"
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