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Winning the booby prize!

kezmusckezmusc Member Posts: 1,469
Hi lovelies,

I have started a new facebook group.  I've been tossing this idea round for a while and finally sat down to do it. As there was a bit of a discussion the other day about the word  "Journey" and some more comical names thrown around, one being the "my Journey kit" should be renamed the booby prize, that's what I decided to call it "Breast cancer...winning the booby prize".

I thought it  might be a bit of a fun way for everyone to share some of the more light hearted stuff and good times that happened along their treatment road.   

Kind of a bit of inspiration to those just newly diagnosed  suffering that awful fear of the unknown that life goes ahead and you can still have a lot of good times along the way.  I put a little video I made on there to kick things off.  I made this two days before radiation finished.  I was just sitting there thinking about everything that had been happening while I was sorting out some photos and I thought wow,  all this happened between 3 days after my diagnosis and the end of radiation.

It is a secret group so that if anyone searches they cannot see who is a member until they join. I have allowed members to approve other members so nobody is sitting around waiting for approval. Just search on facebook for the name and hopefully i've done it right and you can find it.

I would be delighted if any of you would like to join or if you think the idea sucks let me know how to improve it.  I am not real techie so hopefully it works ok.


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