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onemargieonemargie queenslandMember Posts: 1,138
Hi everyone. Has any of you lovelies had tats done post chemo ? I’ve had a couple ideas but that’s all they’ve been is ideas!! And might not get one yet still but is it ok to get them ? I finished chemo in oct last year and was thinking of getting one on my foot. Then I can cover it if I want or was thinking of my shoulder but was worried as I get older how it might look?  Would love your thoughts and experiences and ideas. Here’s what I’ve got so far for ideas. The one at the bottom would be too big but I like the writing  and I have no idea the cost so don’t want to get ripped off either ?. Margie.xx  


  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,327
    Maybe just the words like in bottom pic with the ribbon might be nice too. You could add a couple of tiny butterflies. ..representing new life as well. 
  • Summerhill38Summerhill38 Member Posts: 750
    I agree with primek - simple with the words and a ribbon.  As you say, tatts go all blue over the years and look awful.  One never knows the regrets which may follow.

  • MollygirlMollygirl Brisbane Member Posts: 213
    Hi @onemargie, I haven't had one post chemo so not sure on that. But 30 years ago one on my ankle which I got lasered. Have had a friend have one done on her breast scar which looks beautiful. Tattoo place called Feline Lucky over here in the western suburbs. I think it was Graceville. This lady who does them specialises in pretty things for ladies like us. I say if your onc says it's ok and I don't see why not, go for it! ( and you know ladies get there areole tattooed on after some recons so should be fine) 
  • MollygirlMollygirl Brisbane Member Posts: 213
    Oops areola. Damn auto correct. 
  • onemargieonemargie queenslandMember Posts: 1,138
    Thanks so much ladies I do just like the writing and not the picture but quite like the boxing gloves too as it reminds me of how I punched cancer in the fucking balls and @InkPetal I do love the butterly idea too And thanks @Mollygirl  I’ll check it out I’m up at agnes water at the moment and there’s one up here with a really great reputation so I might have a few vodkas and see how I go..... watch this space!  Margie x
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    My tattoos are old, first one is now 31 years old, it’s a bit fuzzy now but it was cut in half when I had my son. It was also stretched all out of shape with having 2 full term pregnancies. My back/shoulder ones are over 25 years old and still look good. The ink & technology they have these days is better than in years gone by. Decorate your body how you want, just be absolutely sure the design is what you want, it’s gonna be there a long time. Also do your reasearch on artists, a good one isn’t cheap, but worth it. Ask on the bss pages on Facebook for recommendations, ask friends too. Maybe get something unique drawn up just for you? Ask to see the artists work, ask for references. 

    I don’t know about tattooing after chemo, but the fact people get their scars tattooed over must mean you can? 
    I sure hope so, cause I want more! 
  • Hopes_and_DreamsHopes_and_Dreams Gold CoastMember Posts: 752
    I was a tattoo virgin until I got a ribbon on my wrist just over 12 months ago. After my breast cancer I wasn’t able to donate blood or plasma so I hope when women look at my wrist it may just help them remember to check themselves.  When I get stressed with work and life in general it’s a good reminder to me what’s important in life! 
    I love it - I’m pretty sure it will be my one and only but it’s exactly what I wanted, no regrets.
    Good luck in finding one that’s perfect for you! 
    Jane x
  • Hopes_and_DreamsHopes_and_Dreams Gold CoastMember Posts: 752
    Sorry ladies, I just read the heading of this post properly!  I didn’t have chemo and not sure if it makes any difference in getting a tattoo. But as MKitty68 said there is some amazingly beautiful artwork covering mastectomy scars x
  • Scared MumScared Mum Member Posts: 161
    This is Nat's first tat which she intends to have survivor put underneath it at 5 years clear. 
  • cranky_grannycranky_granny Penrith NSWMember Posts: 95
    Hi @onemargie tats are a very personal choice I had mine started just before being diagnosed it’s not finished yet, some wording and colours to go ( your wings were ready but my heart was not) in memorie of my husband who died of cancer. I had mine designed for me. With what was special to us. As it’s so expensive finishing it is not high on my priority list but it will get done. The aim is the 5 year anniversary of beating this. I have my design ideas for that one and it’s going on my tummy. Would love to see the finished product. 
  • onemargieonemargie queenslandMember Posts: 1,138
    Hi ladies thanks for the input. I’ll have to do my research and see how much it will cost as I have plenty of other bills to pay first. We will see I might get the artwork done first and see how that goes xx
  • lgray3911lgray3911 Member Posts: 158
    My friends husband got this tattoo on his arm after she finished treatment. It has the boxing gloves and ribbon if that’s what you’re looking for! Would look lovely on your foot would symbolise that you kicked cancers arse too! 
  • lgray3911lgray3911 Member Posts: 158
    I am thinking about getting a dream catcher with the ribbon in the middle of it on my foot too.
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