Removing ovaries can it help

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Hi I was diagnosed with hormone receptive positive invasive  breast cancer in March 2017 which was a big shock as no history in family but  to find out in April it had already spread to liver and right lung was like double whammy. 
I had a right mastectomy in April then given tamoxifen as treatment which I am still taking. 
My 3monthly scans are showing more signs on my lung and now also on my bones. I have asked whether having my ovaries removed would  help as the tamoxifen meds are causing me problems not sure how long I can manage to stay on them.
Anyone going through similar issues? 
I'm 51  premenopause - menopausal?? 


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    I've been on the cancer bus since 2006. Recurrence but no Mets. Yet. I got rid of my ovaries 12 months ago. I was 53 and it was apparent the hormones were not doing me any favours.
    I was on Tamoxifen for five years and am now  taking Femara. I have no idea if instant menopause will help in the long run, but it has taken one more risk down a notch.  Marg
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    Well the ovary removal and instant menopause would mean you could go on different treatment. Definetly worth asking about it again. 
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    Could you he considered for a clinical trial?
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    Definitely talk through the options with your oncologist. I had my ovaries removed a year ago. Diagnosed a year before with ER+/HER2- MBC. Before the ovaries were removed, I was eligible for a few trials, so I went down that road first. Once my met started to grow, I swapped from Letrazole to Tamoxifen and had my ovaries removed (I had a cyst on one and we weren't sure what it was so this influenced our decision to remove them). I no longer need the Zoladex injection (yay!), but hot flushes aren't alot of fun. That said, my met has stopped growing and seems to be behaving itself. So worth it for me... not a hard operation. I'm 45. Amanda
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    Sorry ladies been unable to login for ages so unable to reply. Thankyou for the advice though.. 

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