Triple Negative Breast Cancer

BlackduckBlackduck Member Posts: 21
Hi all, Just seeking information about what type of chemo I will receive for a triple negative ductal carcinoma insitu with NO lymph node involvement ( second mastectomy 10 days ago).  26 months ago I had first mastectomy for Oestrogen 90% positive and progesterone 90% positive breast cancer and received 4 rounds of TC chemo as a precaution. Because this one is triple negative I imagine I will receive a different chemo this time. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am too stressed to just wait to see my oncologist in 2 weeks. Love and healing to all, Heather.


  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 2,398
    hi @blackduck sorry you have need to join us. Everyone has a different regime depending on stage size aggressiveness etc. so it is very hard to say I have TNBC and I was to have 4 x TAC then 12 Paxitaxel  but due to my allergies I ended up on a different schedule with 1x TAC, then 3 1/2 strength AC then 6 Paxitaxel then FEC at 1/4 strength as my body just couldnt cope. 5 weeks of Rads - I am now 5 years out and no evidence of disease. 
    Do you have a breast care nurse you can be asking questions to ? 

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    Hi @Blackduck what does triple negative mean please?
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    Hi there lovey bloody sucks you got this shitty thing in your other boob and  I’m so sorry to read about it  but I can tell you my storyif it helps  I had triple negative bc may last year stage 2a grade 3 with a 3cm tumor left boob aged 43. No lymph nodes involved scans all clear and negative for the BRCA gene. No family history either. I had left side mastectomy so I only had to have chemo and no radiation then took the right one off as a preventative as my guts told me too. I had 4 rounds of AC chemo and 4 rounds of paclitaxol all 2 weeks  apart. This regime is called dose dense. I had a port put in which you may of had last time and a good idea again for ease of access and administration of treatment. If you want any other questions answered please feel free to PM me. Rest assured you will be able to talk to other gorgeous ladies going through the same thing unfortunately but there will be heaps of good advice to get you through it. Hope this helps. Biggest hug  Margie.
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    Hi @buster triple negative means the tumor is not hormone receptive at all unlike the more familiar oestrogen positive ones for example. Margie x
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    Hi Blackduck I also have triple negative but I had one lymph  involved  my chemo was 4 doses AC given two weeks apart then weekly paclitaxel with  3 treatments of carboplatin given every 3rd  week . It was a bit though but got though it on last leg now  5 we of rads. Good luck with it all and take care  
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