Day 2 of radiation yesterday and already blistered!

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i have always known my skin was very sensitive but I was hopeful that my skin wouldn’t breakdown with radiation. I changed to dove soap weeks ago as recommended by the breast care nurse and have been moisturising every day. I started radiation on Monday and by late last night at the end of day 2 I already was blistered. I don’t know how this is going to go for the next few weeks. I still have 18 more treatments to go. My breast is tender and I’m getting sharp pains from within and then of course the blisters . Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to try and get my skin through this with as little breakdown as possible? I’m not feeling very hopeful. I haven’t seen anyone about this yet as I had no radiation today as the machine was getting maintained. I will tell them tomorrow. My appointments are always late afternoon. Thanks ladies xx Lesley 


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    Moo Goo milk udder very good, I had to cold compress each afternoon but i blistered after 2 wks.

    If your skin is not broken where it is blistered try natural aloe vera ... Do you have some plants ? 
    Talk to your BC Nurse ASAP 

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    Maybe they can applu mepitel film. This is very unusual. Ring well before your appointment time and tell them. 
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    Thanks ladies, a couple of blisters have broken so not going near them with aloe Vera. I don’t have any plants. I may need to go to the local garden centre for when I can use. If Mepitel film is an adhesive I won’t be able to use it as I can’t have any adhesives at all on my skin as I blister from them. When I had my lumpectomy they ignored my warnings and used a dressing. ( they always think they know better) I still have the scars two months later. They soon had it off and used bandages. I’ll google it and check it out thanks @primek
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    Wow.  That is early.  I have dodgy skin as well but it hung in there for 4 weeks.  I used Moo Goo and Manuka honey gold cream for the sore bits.  Solosite and some gauze when the skin was broken and weepy.  Then Flamazene (but I think you can only use that after you are finished as it contains silver/  Did help heal everything really fast though
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    I’ve seen a few people suggest moo goo on other posts. Is it an online purchase thing as I haven’t been able to find it anywhere?
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    health food shops normally 
    Ingleburn Medical Centre PharmacyPhone: 02 9618 6677
    2/2 Nardoo St,
    627 m
    Minto Mall PharmacyPhone: 02 9603 8238
    2/48 Ben Lomond Way,

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    @nonkyboy, any big chemist should stock it like chemist warehouse. 
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    Moo goo products are wonderful. I learnt of the product through this site. After Mastectomy my armpit was very sensitive. Moo goo deodorant was recommended.
    Product are at 3 of the 4 chemists in my town. 
    Take care and here's to healing 
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    Thanks so much ladies.  I will go to Ingleburn pharmacy tomorrow and ask.
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    @nonkyboy check with radiotherapy nurses rather than pharmacist. They absolutely know more about these specific skin reactions. Also the usual products like moisturisers etc may not be suitable for broken skin at all. Blistering after 2 zaps sounds extreme. My radio-oncologist did mention to me that, rarely, some people CANNOT tollerate radiotherapy AT ALL, as the body reacts and cannot repair itself and if this were the case they would know within a few treatments. Perhaps you are one of the rare few???? Speak to them before your next zap.
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    Oh crap, Lesley. Just what you do not need. 

    I agree with Kath, it is really unusual to have such a quick and dramatic reaction. Please have a meeting with your rad onc ASAP so you can work through every tiny detail of what is happening to see if even the most innocuous thing, like perhaps the dove soap, could possibly be contributing. I feel for you, to have come so far and have yet another shitty bloody complication crop up absolutely sucks. Keep plodding. Just. Keep. Going.  Marg xxxx
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    I have a rad onc appt booked for next week and will speak to him then but will go early tomorrow and speak to one of the nurses. She told me yesterday not to try any new creams until they had been approved by the team first so I won’t buy anything until I ask. Thanks for the advice. This cancer certainly likes to keep on giving!
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    Stop using the Dove soap on or around the area use warm water and pat dry.
    it is extremely rare to have that reaction on day 2, occasionally we see immediate reddening of skin but never blisters so soon, you do unfortunately seem to have very sensitive skin and there is actually a gene that causes such extreme reactions. How long since you finished chemo? That also plays a factor, you should be at least 3 wks post chemo.
    speak to the radiation therapists and the nurses as soon as you arrive at your next appmt. Mepitel unfortunately doesn't seem like an option either.
    Moo Goo is a great cream. Our patients in Tassie use "Goulds Radiotherapy Cream" is was developed by a natural pharmacy here, Our patients swear by it, it is expensive and stains clothes yellow however...
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    From my own experience I can recommend the Mepitel film dressing.  I had it applied before radiotherapy and it is like a clear film of glad wrap (though I think it is possibly a silicon dressing, not sure?) and it stayed on for the 30 treatments with a bit of patching where necessary.  No burns or skin breakdown whatsoever.  The staff were all amazed, particularly towards the end of the treatment.
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    ps. just read your post about allergy to adhesives. Not sure if this would be a problem or not.  As I say, it is sort of like glad wrap and more clingy than sticky.  Mightn't hurt to ask?
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