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Hi Ladies - I am relatively new to BCNA. 

I live at Milang near Strathalbyn and we are farmers.  Mainly grow lucerne hay and have some cattle.  Husband John and 2 children - Josh 20 and Chloe 17 - they both live in Adelaide.

Was diagnosed in March last year with DCIS however with horrid family history (Mum BC at 36 and then again 48 and is now 72 and cancer free for 24 years!) I chose to have bilateral mastectomy in July 10 with recon.  After numerous complications and 6 surgeries later, I finished my "treatment" in March this year.  No radiotherapy nor chemo needed.  Had genetic testing however a mutation was NOT found however they tested Mum and 6 weeks ago we found that she has the BRCA2 mutation. Was a shock for her however for extended family now gives something concrete to test for - however with my undiscovered reason, still makes them all high risk regardless and leaves me in a sense of limbo.

I have been involved in Online Learning, Adult Education, Mentoring, Coaching etc for over 15 years and realised that I could use some of my experience and contacts to assist other rural women/families who find themselves on this journey. 

I undertook training at the end of March this year as a BCNA Community Liaison and am still finding my feet as to my role and where best to channel my energy.

I have just attended the BCNA Summit which was the most inspirational 3 days.  Have returned home a little emotional but with renewed enthusiasm and strength! 

I may have met some of you there, but I know that there were many SA women that I didn't get a chance to chat to.

I look forward to being involved in this group and hopefully getting to know as many of you in the real world as well.

Bye  Leanne


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    Hi Leanne, welcome to the group! Fantastic to hear you've done the BCNA Community Liaison training! Looks like you've been through a lot...but congratulations on finally finishing treatment in March! take care, Celeste