Did Not See This Coming

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Hi All,
I have been diagnosed with Stage 2 BC a few days ago. I am a pre-menopausal 46 year old. I am currently the fittest and (I thought) healthiest in my whole life, so this has floored me. I am still telling this story like it is someone else's. I go for a consult with my surgeon tomorrow. Is it stupid to think that ever second I feel like this tumor is getting bigger? I still can't even feel the damn thing even though I have a description of where it is and core biopsy bruising for the spot. It is deep in my breast, so I had no idea it was there, no symptoms, no family history. I have a lot to be grateful for (being proactive and having mammograms every two years when I hit 40), living in this country with this sort of support and medical technology, loving family and friends. Here I go on this journey......weird.


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    Hi JJ and welcome to the forum. I too was fit and healthy before diagnosis. I was stage 2 as well and I was 53 at the time which was 2yrs ago. Mine was aggressive and growing fast so that surgery was the best thing. All the best during your treatment. <3
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    Hi and welcome. I was 51. I had just changed from a stressful high pressured job to a new one I was loving.  My boys were old enough for my husband and I to have a wonderful motorcycle trip away. I eas fit and healthy both phtsically and mentally. Then 9 days before Xmas I found a lump. 5 weeks before I had a clear mammogram. It either wasn't there or invisible due to my breast density. Mine was just 1mm inside stage 1 but was a grade 3. My nodes were clear. If mine hadn't been near the nipple it would have been huge before I found it or have ither symptoms.

    But survive I have. Through the tears and fears and being very annoyed my life has been interupted. I found chemo hard going. I am back working and reclaiming my fitness and my life.

    I too was terrified my lump was growing as I waited. My surgery was 20 days after my appointment. Because of my family history and breast density I had a bilateral mastectomy and tissue expander recobstruction. 

    Have you got someone to come to appointment with you? Have you ordered the my journey kit?  Link below.
    Don't be alarmed if sent for additional scans pre surgery. This is normal and part of staging. Take care. Kath x 

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    Many of us know just how you feel - I was healthy although older, no history of any kind of cancer in my family, didn't find a lump, just a strange sensation and colour. Knowing where the tumour was didn't help much, still couldn't feel it. Friday it's biopsies,Tuesday it's diagnosis, Friday week it's surgery. Most of my brain trailing weeks after. BUT you get through it. Good medical and family support, support at work if you are able to work through which I did, and some time and opportunity to think and learn about what cancer throws up (not all of it is bad) are important. But so is realising that stuff happens, you weren't expected to see this coming, it just did. I felt cross when a pathologist referred to my "adventure". But he was right. Some adventures are very scary. They sometimes take you places you had rather not be. But if you are lucky, they are also amazing learning curves. Best wishes.
  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 2,315
    hi @JJ70 sorry you have a need to be here... 
    I was 52 when diagnosed and I am now 5yrs with no evidence of disease. 
    it is a roller coaster ride that none of us wish we got on but one we can work our way through. 
    My diagnose was early sept and my surgery didnt happen until 25th October.... So it was a waiting game. 

    Have you found a breast care nurse yet? 

    Ask questions have a vent we get it....  
  • MiraMira I live in my computer .... Member Posts: 396
    I was fit and healthy when I was diagnosed as well.  I had been doing a fitness program and I truly believe losing weight meant that I found the lump earlier than I would have if I hadn't lost weight.   I don't think any of us see it coming, although I should have with the number of relatives with cancer that I have! 
  • MichelleGSMichelleGS Member Posts: 7
    Me either!  Was just recovering from endometrial cancer and bam now you have breast cancer.  Two primary cancers, not related.  Just lucky I guess  :/  Anyway, the good thing is both were detected at very early stages and the prognosis is good. It's a journey for sure but you'll get there :)

  • JJ70JJ70 FremantleMember Posts: 385
    Just wondering on the duration of a lumpectomy. I forgot to ask my surgeon today about how long the operation takes. I realise there will be differences...but ball park? If you have been through a lumpectomy, how long did yours take?
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,211
    I haven't but most ladies discharged next day @JJ70
  • onemargieonemargie queenslandMember Posts: 1,092
    Hi there @JJ70 it’s quite often a shock to know you have breast cancer. Some women feel a lump and find out others go for a routine mammogram and whamo there it is. Stage 2 is early stage I was stage 2b grade 3 triple negative no lymph nodes involved and all scans clear aged 43 last year when I was diagnosed. Had 8 rounds of chemo 2 weeks apart. Rest assured everyone’s bc journey is different all with different treatment some just have lumpectomy some have single mastectomy some have a double some have recon some don’t but everyone on here has a story to tell and plenty of advice for you. Once you have your plan of attack you will feel better and can plan better too. I had to wait two weeks for my mastectomy I could of just had the lumpectomy but chose to have a mastectomy so I didn’t have to have radiation as well as chemo. I also chose to take the other one off too. The waiting is shit but I kept working so that kept me busy and distracted. Keep in touch we will all be here for you. Be kind to yourself take help if it’s offered and don’t google anything. Listen to your medical team they will know what’s best not dr google. Hope this helps. Margie. Xxx
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    @JJ70 welcome to the forum where we are all here to help the best we can.  The above posts have given you links within the forum to direct you to the most relevant information.  The ABC radio had a session on breast cancer last night if you are able to find the podcast to listen to.  Hopefully you will find comfort in joining the Metastatic Breast Cancer group.  As you settle in there is always someone on the forum all hours.  Take care 
  • onemargieonemargie queenslandMember Posts: 1,092
    Hi there @iserbrown I think you put your post in the wrong topic??? This lady is only stage 2. Margie x
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,333
    Thanks and apologies - that's what happens when you read posts and then go back to add something without double checking - I do hope @JJ70 that you listen to the podcast on ABC radio on Breast Cancer last night, great discussion!  Take care 
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    Hi lm 5 years post.what can one say , but we know where your coming from. I found l had good days, bad days, and better but l got there. Lots of encouragement from all the gang here, strangers but friends. Be kind to yourself and take help if someone asks. Adean xx
  • steplightlysteplightly Gold CoastMember Posts: 161
    Hi jj70  I had lumpectomy & sentinal node biopsy in may  I had pre prep in rhe morning (wire inserted into growth using ultasound) with local anasthetic then up to theatre to prep there and waited. In at 2.30  for surgery into my room by 5.00 and home the next day at 11.00am Hope this is useful however we are all different .
  • Jazz26Jazz26 PerthMember Posts: 25
    Hi JJ70 I'm currently 4 weeks post op from a lumpectomy mine took roughly 1.5hrs as it was close to the surface. Time varies depending on size and how hard it is to find. I had a drain in overnight and I was discharged the next day. I have finally just got my appointment's to specialists about chemo and radiation therapy so we will soon know what's next for me. 
    I hope you get some answers and surgery before Christmas. All the best on your journey and chat on here any time as we all have lots of questions and there are a lot of answers out there waiting for us. smile:
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