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Hello Ladies, Went and saw the Oncologist Wednesday told me great news Cancer Treatable and Cancer free , then he asked if could examine right breast he said he could feel a mass .Then I got a call for an appt to see the surgeon Wednesday afternoon and there saying I have an lesion in right not sure what means, would appreciate some help.Shazx


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    Hi you should ask them if they going to biopsy the mass it may be nothing to worry about but ive recently been in ur situation and they say they cant find my 3new lesions in breast which showed up in ultrasound so anxiety through the roof so I told my breast specialist for other breast off and sentinel node biopsy and im getting immediately tissue expanders then implants so ask them all the questions dont leave oncologist or breast specialist till all ur questions are answered all the best x
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    Also drs terms lesions mean alot of things cysts for example
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    Did you have a scan done pre surgery to other breast?  Maybe there was something on that  or otherwise they may have assumed that when made the appt. A lesion just neans something not ordinary. What is causing it needs determining. 

    Either way the best thing is for review by a breast surgeon who will organise any other tests that need to happen. Hopefully it is nothing but best to have it sorted before chemo. So glad the appt. Is soon.  Let us know how it goes.  Kath x
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    Hello @ShazS
    Thinking of you and hope your appointment tomorrow gives you definite answers so you have a plan to beat this.
    Summer  :)
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    Hello Ladies , Yes I had a M R I a new machine for detecting Breast Cancer and thank you all for your kindness. Sure will let you know what happens tomorrow. Shazx
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